Dry Mouth and its Effects on Your Teeth

Dry mouth is common on people that cannot produce enough saliva in the mouth. Why this happens however, can be for many reasons based on the individual’s health condition and their habitual patterns. 

Whether your dry mouth is attributed to a medical condition or force of habit, there are some important things you should know. Dry mouth can have adverse effects to your teeth and overall oral health if it is not dealt with properly. 

Think of your mouth and oral health as a perfectly oiled car engine, having the right amount of lubrication can sustain a healthier environment for your engine. Likewise, having sufficient amount of saliva produced by the glands is essential for maintaining healthy enamel.

Possible Reasons for Dry Mouth

In this article, we are going to focus on what some of those medical conditions or bad habits endangering your oral health, could be. As well as some solutions, that may not include all options in the free market today. Some reasons why people get dry mouth.

  • Diabetes
  • Medication Side-Effects
  • Smoking Nicotine
  • Smoking Cannabis

Diabetes and medication side effects are all attributed to some form of medical condition that may be present in your system. This of course, requires much more attention to detail and critical thinking by your Doctor or Physician. 

The other two examples on the other hand, are more relative to a self-inflicted pain, when you really think about it. These two however, have more practical solutions that you can implement right after reading this article.

Diabetes & Medication

If you are diabetic, the best solution for your medical condition is to speak with your doctor. While we would like to be of more assistance in this matter, the truth is that diagnosis and prescribed medical solutions should be done in the presence of a professional with the right tools and equipment. 

With that said, we will entertain the subject by saying that it could be possible that most of the dry mouth may not be attributed to just the diabetes condition. After all, being diabetic means that you will have to take medications for the condition, if you aren’t already.  Lower the cost of your diabetes medication by using coupons. There are many online services that offer coupons for monthly prescriptions like a tradjenta coupon. These services have helped many medical patients save money on their monlthy prescription expense.

This means that if you’re already on medications for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, some of the reason behind the dry mouth, could be attributed to the medication. The initial first reaction is to increase your water intake. Studies show that most American don’t drink enough water in a day as needed by the body. 

Additionally, speaking with your Doctor or Dentist about your condition will help present more solutions through prescribed methods we can’t fully recommend in this article, for legal reasons. You can also find off-the-shelve products that aim to promote the healthy production of saliva in the mouth. 

Smoking Cannabis & Nicotine

Smoking Cannabis has become a big trend in the United States over the last 5 to 7 years. This trend has also been attributed to new hospital visits over anxiety issues and dental visits over an increased dry mouth on cannabis consumers. 

Additionally, false statements have been made about the use of cannabis in association with dental issues such as a tooth ache. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot treat a tooth ache by simply smoking cannabis. Furthermore, cannabis will not be an adequate short-term medication for relieving your tooth pain. One Dental blog sheds some light on this topic and explains why this is not the case. 

Cannabis and nicotine are known to promote dry mouth after consumption. If you are not an avid smoker of either, the effects could wear out quickly. The short-term solution could be to increase your water consumption and possibly make use of some of the over-the-counter products that were created to help promote healthy production of saliva in the mouth. 

On the other hand, if you are an avid user of either cannabis or nicotine, then simple over-the-counter products may not suffice. Take a visit to your dentist and your physician and consider both of their recommendations. Never take their recommendations in a second without first weighing the options of the treatments. 

Dry Mouth Treatments

If you take the time to consult with both your dentist and your physician, you can better asses the treatment option and decide which is best for you. Maybe one treatment option is a more sensible natural way to treat the problem. Maybe that treatment does or does not work for you, in which case, you can try the second treatment recommendation. 

One rule of thumb many people have when dealing in a situation where more can be added or done but once done can’t be taken away, is to start the sensible route first and increase the level or add to your treatment solutions after.

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