EDA for Internet Providers and Brands

The development of the internet has made a huge difference for the world and how different organizations communicate. The World Wide Web has connected people in ways that had scarcely been thought of a century ago. This is why internet and Wi-Fi are now considered important utilities for individuals and businesses alike. You need a successful browser and internet provider to run a business, connect with friends, or just sit at home and enjoy streaming a movie after a stressful day. As the need for internet and wireless connections increases, these providers and brands need to step up their game to offer great products.

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When you’re selling internet access, you definitely want to use software intelligence to your advantage. This includes advanced software programming and business intelligence data that can help you track activity in more concise ways. Every new event or connection you make informs your business and helps you improve your company. Stay ahead of the competition by reacting to every type of event in real-time. This is where event-based architecture can make a huge difference for your internet service. Here are a few ways this impacts your brand.

What is EDA?

First, it’s important to understand exactly what event-driven architecture (EDA) is. EDA replaced old systems of event processing known as request/response. In these architectures, the event source needed to provide a complete set of data or information before the event processor could move on to a new task. Even a simple event like adding an item to your cart online could take a while to process. EDA cuts out the middle man and uses machine learning to react to every new event as it happens. This event channel can help you process notifications quicker and eventually increase the scalability of your company. As an active listener with an event stream, your internet provider will no longer have a dependency on slow, inefficient systems. Let’s look at a few practical ways this can help your business.

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Help potential customers understand your internet plans.

While the majority of the population is completely reliant on the internet today, not everyone understands exactly how it works. They know they get a Wi-Fi password and need a router, but that framework is the extent of their knowledge. As you’re selling internet, you’re going to need to provide the additional information they’re missing. Companies like iSelect use EDA to help customers understand the difference between broadband providers and figure which plan works best for each customer. Respond to inquiries, and give quotes right away to interested parties. Your EDA can help you make connections about broadband plans and bundling certain packages. By getting all the information out there, you’re helping people make the best decision and showing them the resilience of your company right away.

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Respond to clients in real-time.

The world is full of people who want immediate gratification. Whether they’re looking for good internet deals or logging on to get some work done in the morning, they want answers right away. With an event-based architecture pattern, you can help give answers right away and problem solve without human interference. Let your technology do its job, and communicate in real-time to make your clients happier.

Keep track of your internet services across multiple platforms.

Providing high-speed internet to a high number of customers is no small feat. You are constantly communicating with hundreds of servers and routers. Plus, your processors are tracking signals rather than physical items. EDA stays on top of all complex events, so you don’t get behind or confused. This can help keep your team on the same page as you communicate with new clients and current customers.

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