Everything you need to know about skirting

Skirting is the process of covering the holes in the walls or the collective marks. Most people use these sheets to hide and protect the imperfections and give them a better look. You are well aware of the grommets to hold the wirings at their place. Skirt sheets play the same role for walls, floors, and ceiling. Here in this article, we will discuss the plywood skirting alternatives, advantages, and disadvantages of using it. Please scroll below to get a brief discussion.

History of skirts

In earlier times, people used to use wooden panels and sheets to use as skirting materials. Wood is a perfect choice for avoiding in a word. These are sustainable, reusable, and, most importantly, highly resistant to pressure. So, wooden skirts would help you to keep safe from some calamities also. Besides, wooden skirting is not very expensive either. Many experienced workers can carve wood and design any gorgeous showpiece for you. It will do the job of covering and home decoration simultaneously. But, the most important advantage of using wooden skirts is the deforestation issue. People are cutting over thousands of trees and not planting anything close to the number. So, most of the governments banned the use of wood in such cases. It is also not very civil to destroy forests for wooden furniture and creating skirts. But, another critical issue with the wooden skirting was the weight. Rigid sheets are weighty, and transportation is hectic with these. Keeping all these matters in consideration, the alternatives of wooden skirts took over the market very quickly.

Alternative of wooden skirts

The first alternative to wooden skirts is plywood skirts. These were very light and cost-effective. So, quickly it replaced the wooden skirts. But, these plywood sheets were not very resistant or long-lasting. Soon we needed to fix the problems and upgrade the materials to find a better option. Such as

MDF skirting

MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard. Here we break down the heavy and hardwood. And then insert the broken residues of small and thinner woods inside the wood fibers. Usually, raisin or epoxy Hiiicovering makes it glossy and very impactful. It is resistant to water, pressure temperature, and years of usage. High temperature and pressure during installation make these MDF boards hard to displace or break. MDF boards are denser than plywood skirting sheets.

Advantage of MDF Skirting

Here is a shortlist of MDF skirting than wooden or plywood skirting.


MDF has less weight than wooden skirting. It is helpful to install and maintain. The transportation cost is also a factor while bringing the skirting sheets to your home. Besides, most of the time, insects and pests attack woods and weaken the structure. And, there is coverage of raisin and epoxy. So, there are fewer chances of destruction via such attacks. MDF is a little denser and heavier than the plywood sheets. As we will Install these sheets inside our home as extra support, the weight matters. Excess weight can be harmful to the main structure of our home. So, MDF sheets stand out, leaving the Wooden and plywood sheets behind, weighing the risk and benefit ratio.


Sustainability is a critical factor to consider before installing any system at your home. It will be directly related to your lifestyle and safety. Plywood sheets are no doubt more popular than wooden or MDF sheets. The reasons are pretty standard. Plywood is entirely synthetic, readily available, and cheap. But, MDF sheets offer about ten times better support and sustainability within your budget. It is a better choice for skirting.

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