Executive search software: a key tool for in-house recruiting

If you’re an in-house recruiter, you probably turn to an Applicant Tracking System to find and place suitable candidates for your company. But more than an ATS, utilizing executive search software as a supplementary in-house recruitment software is a great way to expand and improve your candidate search.

It has the ability to boost the quality of your in-house recruiting. You might be missing out on quality candidates if you’re not utilizing the potential of executive search software.

Executive recruitment software helps recruiters find passive candidates – executives who are not actively seeking new roles – and in-house recruiting software is the best way to locate and identify such talented executives.

Are passive candidates important for in-house recruitment?

Ignoring passive candidates during executive search is like bypassing a goldmine. Every head-hunter knows that senior and C-suite executives might not always be actively networking and seeking new career prospects. But it is extremely vital to always begin each search with them in mind.

So just concentrating on the same supply of candidates during executive search is not profitable for in-house recruiting. The truth is, the candidate pool gets smaller over time if one is not continually networking and developing new relationships.

Thus, sourcing passive candidates helps introduce a wider pool of highly skilled executives to the company. It is rare that a senior executive actively solicits a new position or answers a job advert. And most C-suite jobs are not even publicly advertised. Hence, these high calibre executives must be approached by head-hunters who can then make them aware of exciting new roles and opportunities. This proactive approach to passive candidates is crucial in bringing fresh talent into the running for the important positions within the company.

How does executive recruitment software help source passive candidates?

Executive recruitment software has an excellent role in passive candidate sourcing. In-house recruiters can use the software for market mapping. Executive search CRM software is essential for keeping abreast of the industry talents and their recent movements. Tracking talents also enable recruiters to understand what kind of roles an executive seems to prefer and that is a good starting point for potential conversations in the future.

LinkedIn Recruiter is ordinarily the first stop for recruiters when they launch their search for the perfect candidate. However, LinkedIn doesn’t have an inexhaustible source of high calibre executives. Usually, senior executives do not even keep their profiles updated. They might not even reply to messages on their social media. Their information may be spread across different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, GatedTalent, Bloomberg, etc. This makes it difficult for head-hunters to be certain that what they have is current and concrete information.

Once again, executive recruitment software CRM works as a great in-house recruiting software tool. It can provide detailed candidate information through its social media integration feature. With a click of a button, recruiters can now easily get access to specific candidates’ data from all the different social media platforms. It removes the problem of having to log on to different sites every single time and search for the candidate’s name to get access to the information.

Some powerful executive search software also provides massive candidate profiles that have been sourced from publicly available data. This saves in-house recruiters the trouble of finding someone new, approaching them, asking for their CVs, etc. Now that the information is readily available, recruiters can easily go ahead and evaluate the CVs for suitability.

All this is to point out that in-house recruiting can be improved tremendously by incorporating executive recruitment software into the workflow. Many organizations who already use ATS can continue to use ATS alongside this new in-house recruitment software to maximize quality results.

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