Explained: IELTS Fees Structure and Return on Investment from the Exam

International English Language Test System or IELTS has to be given by candidates planning to pursue education in a country where English is the language of communication. More than 3.5 million appeared for the exam in 2018 itself.

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It assesses four basic skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. One can opt for paper-based or computer-delivered IELTS, although the fees may differ. This blog will outline IELTS fees and their structure.

What are IELTS Fees?

Candidates must pay the fees while registering for IELTS. However, before registering, one needs to check the dates and decide whether they wish to appear for computer-delivered or paper-delivered IELTS.

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However, the IELTS indicator has been introduced for candidates who wish to opt for it from the comfort of their homes. The fees are illustrated in the table below:

Fees in INR (British Council) Test Type
10, 894 IELTS Indicator
14,700 Paper-based and Computer-delivered
15, 750 UKVI for Academic and General
13,940 Life Skills (A1 and B1)
Fees in INR (IDP) Test Type
14,700 Computer-delivered
15,100 UKVI
14,700 Paper-based
13, 940 Life Skills

What is the Cancellation Fee?

Candidates may need to cancel IELTS due to unforeseen circumstances. In such a scenario, one can request a refund.

However, if one wishes to cancel the computer-delivered IELTS, one must do this three-week prior, whereas paper-based can be cancelled by candidates five weeks before. If one cancels it in less than five weeks, there is no possibility of a refund.

Moreover, if one fails to appear for the test on the day, one will also not be given any refund. Therefore, there are two ways through which a candidate can receive his\her refund:

  1. Candidates will receive through NEFT if paid through ICICI bank.
  2. If paid online, candidates will receive the money in their bank accounts.

In addition, one must be able to cite the following reasons:

  1. Death of a family member.
  2. Experiencing trauma, for instance, one is a victim of a crime or an accident.
  3. Due to military service.
  4. One is admitted to a hospital or has a severe injury.

UKVI and Life Skills

On the other hand, UKVI and Life Skills have their own cancellation policy. It is very different from the above pattern, and here is how it functions:

  1. If candidates cancel it fourteen days before, they will receive 75% of the fee.
  2. If one cancels it two days before the test, 25% of the refund will be processed.
  3. Cancelling on the day of the exam means there will be no refund.

What are the Rescheduling Fees?

Candidates must alter the date at least five weeks before the final test date, and no charges will be involved. However, one must consider these pointers:

  • The new date should be three months from the actual test date.
  • If the new date exceeds three months, the rescheduling request will be perceived as a cancellation.
  • An administrative fee of 25% will be charged.

Are There Any Rechecking Fees Involved?

Candidates generally opt for rechecking when they are dissatisfied with the scores. For this, they must fill up the EOR (Enquiry on Results) form and pay a nominal fee of Rs. 8,475.

What is the Exam Fee for Test Report Form?

Candidates can send the Test Report Form to the selected universities. This can be delivered through the International Courier. One has to pay Rs. 1500 as per the address of the university. Generally, it takes four business working days to reach the university, and one is provided with a tracking number.

One can send it through airmail, which costs Rs. 250. However, no tracking number is provided, and it takes around two weeks. Lastly, one can opt for the electronic method, which costs Rs. 250.

How Can IELTS Fees Be Paid?

One can pay fees via the online mode, demand draft and bank deposit. It is explained in greater detail below:


Candidates can pay their fees through net banking, e-wallets or debit or credit cards.

Bank Deposit

Candidates can either deposit the cash through ICICI or Allahabad bank branch. They must submit a customised deposit slip and attach the application form.

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Demand Draft

One needs to draw the demand draft in favour of IDP or the British Council.

Now that one knows the IELTS fees, one must register for it beforehand to align with the university admissions.

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