Explore New Levels of Excitement with these Rummy Variants

Is there any pastime better than a thrilling game of cards with all friends around? Don’t think so! And just give it a thought, if playing with friends and people could serve as a source of generating money. Sounds like hitting a double jackpot, isn’t it? The good news is it’s very much possible. Thanks to the present age of digital platforms, connecting with friends to play Rummy online and make money out of it has become a cakewalk.

Rummy is one of the oldest and most popular card games that’s loved both within and outside India. It is a game played between 2 to 6 players, where the players try to match and arrange dealt cards in a sequence based on ranks, color, or suits. It is a game of sharp skill, strategy building, and presence of mind. To make it more challenging and rewarding, several variants like Indian Rummy, Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and many more have been introduced. Confused? Don’t be. Here is a detailed guide not only on How to Play Indian Rummy but also on How to Play Points Rummy. Just scroll through the game idea and rules and start playing today!

Decoding Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is a slight variation of the original Rummy game. Under this variant, every player is dealt 13 cards to begin the game. After dealing, one stack of opened cards and another of closed cards is placed for players to pick from. 2 ‘Joker’ cards, one the printed and another randomly selected number, are also used as a substitute card. The objective is to make ‘sets’ and ‘sequences’ from the dealt 13 cards that might comprise of 3 or 4 cards. A ‘set’ is a sequence of cards of the same rank, color, or suit or could be in any order. A minimum of 2 sets must be made, with at least 1 ‘pure set’. A Pure Set is formed without a ‘Joker or Substitute’ card.

  • Points to be Noted

It must be remembered that 1 deck of cards is used if there are 2 players. And if the player count increases to 6, the cards must be dealt from 2 decks. Upon turn, when the card is picked from the stack, one card from the players’ possession must be discarded.

To win, the effort must be to make the valid sets and sequences at the earliest before all opponents.

Comprehending Points Rummy

Also popularly known as ‘Strikes Rummy’, this variant of Rummy involves allotting money-based value to each point in the game. This value is generally pre-decided before the game begins. A minimum value (mostly 80 points) is presented by all players on the table and the player who finishes first with valid sets wins with 0 points. The winning amount is calculated by ‘Sum of Opponents’ Points X Value allocated for each point’. Rest the game rules and process remains the same with 13 cards dealing. The objective also stands unchanged to match and make a minimum of 2 sets or sequences, with at least 1 pure sequence without a Joker card.

  • Points to be Noted

Each game lasts for one round only. Drop Points on the lines of 10, 30, and 80 respectively are charged for players who drop the game at the beginning, middle, and on a full count.

If looking forward to playing any of the above-mentioned fun games, keep one tip handy at all times. Just try and form the Pure Sequence first and soon to secure a position in the finalists. Enjoy Playing!

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