FBS Minimum Deposit

One of Forex’s most frequently asked questions is, how much money do I need to get started? Mostly, newcomers are worried that they will face a loss. Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question as the amount will vary with the broker.
FBS is one of the most popular brokerage companies worldwide. What is their minimum deposit? There are several decisive factors for answering this question.
So, let’s dig deeper and find out FBS Minimum Deposit. You might be surprised by how low it actually is. 

Everything You Need to Know About FBS Minimum Deposit

Before getting started, FBS is a well-known brokerage house regulated by IFSC and CySEC. It was founded in 2009 and is now the choice of over 17,000,000 traders. Operating in more than 150 countries, it has turned out to be very convenient for new and experienced traders. 

The minimum deposit amount depends on the account type. Usually, brokers have several types of accounts, with each having different conditions. Similarly, FBS also has a variety of account types and minimum deposit amounts.
Let’s look at them one by one to provide a clearer picture of the FBS Minimum Deposit

  1. Cent Account
    As you may have guessed by the name, this account requires the least amount as an initial deposit. In fact, it is one of the cheapest Forex Account types starting with only $1. The spreads are as low as 1 pip, while the leverage is up to 1:1000. It is the ideal account type for beginners.
  2. Micro Account
    Although not as cheap as Cent, Micro Account is still very light on the pocket. Its minimum deposit requires only $5. It has fixed spreads from 3 pips and a $0 commission. However, it has better leverage of up to 1:13000. This account is suitable for newcomers as well as intermediate traders who are switching to FBS brokers.
  3. Standard Account
    The standard account is targeted at advanced traders. Its minimum deposit amount is $100 with 0.5 pips floating spreads. This account type offers the same leverage and commission as Micro. 
  4. Zero Spread Account
    As the name suggests, Zero Spread Account has fixed 0 pips. The leverage is the same as the previous two, while its FBS Minimum deposit is $500. Another benefit of this account is the commission which starts from $20/lot. 
  5. ECN Account
    The ECN account is suitable only for experienced traders. It requires an initial deposit of $1000 and offers spreads floating from -1 pip. The account also offers a $6 commission with up to 1:15000 leverage. 

Other than the ones above, there are some other account types, such as Crypto account. But, it is not relevant to our Forex Trading topic. Similarly, a demo account is also offered. You can get started with it for free as it does not have any FBS Minimum Deposit. 

By going through all the account types mentioned above, you can understand their FBS Minimum Deposit as well. Not only will this article help you with finding the right initial deposit amount, but also the suitable account type.

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