Features to look out for in a PDF editor

PDF editor is one of the most useful tools available online, for example, PDFSimpli and much more.

It is extremely helpful for students and almost everyone. What makes them really useful? So, it enables users to modify PDF files to different file types. The files may be readily shared online. Its multitasking function enables users to edit files fast and efficiently. It also allows the user to check the authenticity of the digital signature.

Apart from this, as it is multi-functional, there are many features to look out for in a PDF editor, such as:

Merge PDF files

In only a few clicks, you may combine many files into a single document. Remove any unnecessary pages and restructure your newly combined document as desired. You just have to add all your documents to the PDF combiner, select the pages that you desire, edit or rearrange those pages if you want to, and merge them together. It’s as simple as that.

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

To convert your Powerpoint presentation to a PDF document, you don’t need any technical knowledge. Import PowerPoint presentations from Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other sources, then click ‘convert’ to receive your ideal PDF file. Almost all the PDF editors available online offer them free of cost and are compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Convert Word to PDF

The availability of PDF to Word converter makes things less complex for users.

The process of conversion is really simple, all you have to do is choose a PDF file from your PC to convert, The text, photos, and scanned pages from your PDF will be extracted by the PDF to Word converter, and in seconds, a professionally prepared Word document is available to download. Most PDF to Word converters delete all copies of your file from their servers, ensuring that your information is secure.

Watermark PDF

Adding a watermark to your PDF is now easier than ever. In a matter of seconds, you may add an image or text to your PDF. You even get to choose the font, opacity, and positioning of the text or image. Just upload your file and type it anywhere in the document to sign or add in a watermark and that’s it; you’re done.

You can now print, email, and save your watermark edited PDF anywhere. One of the main and often used features of PDF editors would be a watermark, as it’s usually used for e-signatures.


PDF editors are the complete package of editing tools which are proved to be useful and effective everywhere. All of the tedious procedures of conversion and editing of PDF are no longer tedious with PDF editors coming along. Most PDF editors don’t even require the installation of apps; they are free online platforms that can be easily accessed by everyone all over the internet.

The conclusion is pretty much clear by now. Instead of spending countless hours on editing and conversion, PDF editors do them in seconds and also accurately, which makes them stand out from all other editing platforms.

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