Fences and Security for Your Dogs: How They Go Side by Side

If you have just bought a new pet, namely a dog, know that the bond between you is not yet strong, which means that the dog does not yet have the feeling of being at home. To regain his freedom, he will repeatedly try to escape in the first days or weeks.

Chain it up can be an option, but one day or another, you’re going to have to let it run around. Also, to ensure that your new dog does not leave your property, a dog fence is the perfect solution. Going around the house, the fence limits the dog’s playing area to the yard or garden, depending on the arrangements of the site. If, for the master, the PetSmart electric dog fence is a measure of education, of insurance, other causes are also to be seen.

Territory Limitation

Limiting the territory is essential to prevent your dog from bothering your neighbors’ domains. Dog poop or destruction of property, the list of potential mishaps caused on other property can put you in a bind.

In addition, the purpose of the fence is also to familiarize the dog with its new environment. Training a dog to respect the border is complex. His intention to stay in your house must come from the dog himself. As he spends time on your property, the dog adjusts to making it his territory. A territory which he must protect at all costs, it is for this reason that dogs bark when an unknown individual enters your house.

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Finally, the essence of the fence is the safety of your four-legged friend. There are many risks to which the dog is exposed, especially if you live in the city. Car accidents, theft, illness, your animal will be in permanent danger.

The different types of dog fencing

The wooden fence

Traditional fence refers to the standard fence used to restrict and provide privacy for your domain. This type of device is usually made of wood. Among the popular ones, you can opt for a picket fence. With a fundamental style, this is the most manageable dog fence to put up.

The advantage of this type of fence is to have complete freedom on the structure of the device. Composed of horizontal planks nailed to vertical planks, you choose the planks’ size, thickness, and distance. If you have a home in the countryside or a quiet suburb, this type of fence is ideal.

The natural fences, the hedge

Mother Nature can also help you train your dog with a plant fence. It is a hedge. If hedges have been a country trend in the past, it is now accessible to city dwellers. The hedge is made mainly of shrubs and native plants. You have the option of choosing the variety of plants that make up your dog fence.

Like the picket fence, this fence also offers an advantage on the aesthetics of the house. Where it stands out is in privacy. A hedge covers a large part of the house so that the outside cannot see a front vision.

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