Following the US capital Riots, the prime Minister changes travel advice

The Prime minister said that the unfolding scene is everywhere in the US capital today, becoming very concerning. In today’s speaking, the prime minister said that he is very hopeful for an early peaceful transition from power. For this, Joe Biden prepares to take the peaceful office later this month.

So, as a result, the US government changed Australia’s travel advice in the United States. You have to be selective to choose the area of travel. For this, you should avoid areas where protests are occurring. Due to the potential of violence, every people have to take the information before going out. 

The riot of the US capital gives the lockdown for the violence. By this lockdown, the area is still now secured. The prime minister would not draw the situation in the long term, and the government tries to make diplomatic changes. 

The foreign minister also took his saying to twitter this morning that he told everyone to be concerned at the alarming situation.

The government thinks about the stable and peaceful transition by the power of government elects people. This may take place very soon, and people also get hope. The situation of Washington is terrible after the woman was shot and killed.

The prime minister says that Australia is an excellent place for democracies. And also says that all the things are very much heartbreaking that what is happening over there. He wants help from people to flag that Australians to take safe practice for COVID 19. Because the gathering of people is a life risk. So for people’s travel, everyone needs to take a safe position and take the safe decision in every step in the dire situation. And prime minister gives them faith to fix the situation very early.

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