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Forgot Password? GogoPDF Will Unlock it For You

Did you know that you can lock your PDF files? Would not having a password for your confidential PDF files will make it safer and protected from any unauthorized use that might intend to open your PDFs without valid permission. However, there are cases that users who locked their PDF forget their encrypted password and end up not opening the PDF. 

It is a common problem that prevents many people from locking their passwords and would resort to protecting their PDF files in various ways. Since it became a common dilemma, GogoPDF understood that and created a function on its system that can unlock your PDFs whenever and wherever you are by uploading them onto the system. 

GogoPDF as Your Dependable Go-to Website For Unlocking Your PDF Files

GogoPDF can unlock  PDF file quicker and more efficiently than any other website offering. The website will confidently open PDF files of any size anywhere and everywhere the user is, as long as he complies with its three vital requirements: internet connection, device, file. These three are factors that allow GogoPDF to provide faster service than others.

Your internet connection must possess stability since GogoPDF operates entirely online to avoid any hassle for the user. You need to have a stable internet connection to ensure that your PDF files will be unlocked in just a matter of a few minutes. It is also with the help of other features of GogoPDF that is visible on its website.

The second and third one is required. Your device is required to access and visit the website. Upon visiting, the system will spoon feed you everything you need to do for the entire unlocking process. You do not need to wander. By navigating throughout the website, you will immediately understand why GogoPDF is the best online website there is. 

It is better to prepare the locked PDF file beforehand to save you any hassle of finding it after opening the website. Your locked PDF file is guaranteed to be processed real quick, so you do not have to move any schedule, or you can continue whatever you are doing while unlocking your PDF files because you need at least a minute of attention to the website.

Steps to Unlock Your PDF file

By scrolling the website’s page up and down, you will notice a user-friendly ambiance that is easy to use, allowing more time for the actual unlocking processing than understanding the process. The website already provided the steps or the guide for the users to easily use its seemingly enlarged toolbox and unlock their PDF file hastily. 

The first step is for the user to upload his desired PDF file. As mentioned above, preparing thePDF files beforehand would save ample time so that users can focus on the actual process. He can also choose to drag the file and drop it onto GogoPDF’s online toolbox. GogoPDF will then analyze the file before uploading it. 

The second is to wait for the system to finish. The course will remove the password and decrypt the whole PDF file in a process that will only last for a few minutes. A stable internet connection is imperative for the user to possess. GogoPDF can continuously process and upload PDF files on its servers for unlocking without delays or troubles. 

The fourth step will soon follow once the decryption process is done. In this phase, the website ends the unlocking process and will give the user control over whether or not he wants to send it immediately to someone. GogoPDF generates a link every after the user’s operation to copy and paste on his social media accounts and then share with others. 

Features Better Than All Others

The user will immediately learn that the usage of GogoPDF from start to finish of the process is entirely free. It might be attractive to some but not to others. Many websites took advantage of their customers by using this free service as a disguise to charge even larger hidden fees from them. 

GogoPDF never charges from its service users and will remain free throughout the process. It is also secured by the website’s privacy policy, which allows the servers worldwide to remove and erase all files uploaded in it after an hour if the uploader indicates no progression or activity.  Download best games and application from apkpure

It can be opened on all devices as it supports all popular internet platforms such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and other famous portals. The website is also compatible with major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. You do not have to worry about what device to use since it is accessible on all OS types and models.


Forgetting your password once you have locked your PDF file is annoying. Locking it to be secured only, then not being able to open it, is a huge hassle. With GogoPDF, you can lock your PDF files without worrying because whenever you forget the password again, there is a website you can rely on to unlock your PDF file. 

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