Four Products to Overhaul Your Home Office

The advantages of cultivating a home office for your business or remote position are numerous. From reducing commuter time 100% to interior design autonomy, work from homers are changing employment as we know it. The trend in smart home office gadgets is less fad, more functional, and here are four ideas to begin an overhaul of your domestic cubicle.

1. Smart Home Office Communication

One of an office’s core business functions is the transmission of messages. Having a reliable phone line for follow-ups, business inquiries, and sale closings can improve your professionalism and, thus, profitability. Consider an Ooma home phone plan to utilize with your existing internet modem or wireless connection. These products have the supplementary purpose of leveraging Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology which is known for clearer voice quality than traditional landlines which customers and employers use as evidence of your commitment to your services and, ultimately, to them.

2. Smart Home Office Projection

A second monitor is becoming second nature for the visually abled in the workplace. To optimize the impact of your income, the home office projector can double as an extension of your laptop or desktop’s screen. Modifying the perspective or orientation of one’s computer screen can be a healthy accommodation for teleworkers with a visual impairment for the purpose of magnifying crucial information to make timely decisions. Casting one’s display on a blank wall can curtail the glare from light refraction on a traditional LED screen.

3. Smart Home Office Filtration

Air purifiers filter the home atmosphere using the technique of adsorption. Improved air quality can make the difference between productive office work and absenteeism from an asthma or allergen attack. When searching for a filtration system, you will want to ask about the following:

  • first- and secondhand smoke removal capability
  • washable filters with reusability
  • ionizers that perform the air cleaning
  • minimal noise audibility
  • length of usefulness

4. Smart Home Office Lumination

Thomas Edison would balk at the indoor lighting power of today’s residences and offices.  Bright, daylight spectrum light bulbs and autonomous,  desktop sun boxes can shift poor productivity to full efficiency. Known by Vitamin D deficient patients for years, anti-fluorescent lighting is showing up more and more frequently in the corporate office and even in the classroom. The impact of extra sunlight for the human body cannot be underestimated.

The home office is your blank canvas by which to create your world. With the explosion of smart technologies you will be holding problems before you get a chance to have them.

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