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The FullContact API allows you to find and query contact information for any company, including their social profiles and iCloud data. It is very useful for companies that want to reach out to a wide variety of people. In addition to providing you with contact information, FullContact also provides you with their location and demographics. Its advanced search capabilities help you identify the right audience for your marketing efforts. To get started, all you need to do is sign up for an account and begin searching.

The FullContact Apps service offers three different plans: Basic, Premium, and Team. The free plan allows you to sync with one account, and includes a number of features including 10 Free Business Card Scans, 1K contacts stored, 20 Contact Updates/week, and 100 Contact Lookups. The Premium plan costs $8.33/month and allows you to sync up to five accounts. It also offers unlimited business card scans and lets you connect with contacts for marketing purposes.

Using FullContact is easy. It connects all of your contact-carrying accounts and provides intelligent identity resolution. You can also import contacts from your phone, iCloud, or a file. Once you’ve merged your contacts, you can automatically update their information. This helps you create brand advocates and improve the quality of leads and applications. By using the Person API, you can run queries and receive information about your contacts. In addition, you can even customize the information you receive through the integration of third-party social networks.

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In addition to the features, FullContact is also a secure and reliable service. It ensures the privacy of your contact data, and a comprehensive security system. Users can opt for annual, multi-year, or monthly subscriptions. The cost of the service varies depending on the plan you choose, and FullContact uses SOC2 Type 1 and Cloud Security Alliance certifications to keep your data safe. Its GDPR certified executive ensures the privacy of your contacts.

The FullContact API also helps you build social profiles. It is possible to create a social profile of a contact by entering the relevant information into the database. You can use the Person API to make queries and get updated information about your contacts. The software is also able to create a network of contacts from the public data available on social networks. It is a great choice for businesses that want to build a strong referral network. You can also integrate FullContact into your CRM to manage your contacts.

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Using the Company API, FullContact can get you more customers similar to those you already have. The FullContact database contains over one billion profiles, and 30 million updates per day. By using the FullContact API, you can create look-alike audiences for your products and services. This helps you create brand advocates. You can customize emails and personalize them to suit your audience. Aside from that, FullContact also provides identity resolution. If you’re looking for a solution that will improve the quality of your customers, you can use the company’s website.

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