Get Ready for Your Tooth Extraction with These Helpful Tips

Some factors can make it necessary to remove some teeth even though they were designed to last a lifetime. Whichever your case, you ought to be ready for the extraction to ensure a smooth operation and recovery. Many patients seek extractions in Bellevue, meaning you are not alone no matter the reason you need to eliminate a tooth or some teeth. Although the procedure may sound stressful, it becomes easier when you are fully prepared ahead of time. The following tips will help you get ready for your extraction appointment.

Consult Your Doctor

During your initial appointment with your dentist, you must ask all relevant questions concerning tooth extraction. Please make a list of the questions and present them to your provider. Understand that no inquiry will be too silly to ask, and your provider will provide all the relevant information you require. Asking questions allows you to fully understand the treatment you are about to undertake, making you more confident and comfortable even during the actual procedure.

Prepare a Complete Medical History

During your initial tooth extraction appointment, you must provide a detailed medical history to your dentist. Make it comprehensive and include every detail to help your doctor make wise decisions on your procedure. You need to share information on any history of bacterial endocarditis, liver disease, congenital heart defect, bio or mechanical heart valves, impaired immune system, or artificial joint replacement. Such conditions increase your chances of an infection. Also, notify your doctor of your current medications.

Taking Painkillers or Anesthesia

Tooth extraction can be painful, and that is why your dentist will give you anesthesia or sedation to make you comfortable. It is crucial to consult on the particular substance for your treatment since none might work best for you. Some substances might have some side effects or trigger allergic reactions. But you can work with your provider to prepare a pain medication plan that best suits your needs.  Also, talk about painkillers that you will need during the recovery process.


You must avoid eating anything for about twelve hours before your tooth extraction. It helps in preventing nausea before and after your surgery. However, you might not have to fast that long when local anesthesia is used. So, consult your doctor adequately. You must let your doctor know if you have diabetes or have another condition that may not allow you to fast. Tell your doctor if you smoke since you will not be permitted to smoke twelve hours before your procedure; you can take this as an opportune time to quit smoking.

Organize Your Care and Transport

Although extractions are not significant surgeries, you might still need someone to drive you home after your operation. Remember that the local anesthesia will affect your reflexes, and you shouldn’t jump in your car and go home. You can also consider having someone over to spend the night with you. It could also be necessary to take some time off work.

If you are considering tooth extraction, you ought to be ready. No matter what you might have about the procedure, you better consult your doctor adequately to set your mind clear and know what to expect.  You can contact the EZ Dental Clinic extractions specialists for more information.

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