Ghost Mannequin Photography Rapidly Gaining Traction Against Fashion Model Photography

Fashion product photography and fashion model photography existed since the very biggening of the civilization. Even when there was no eCommerce, no computer or internet, no radio or television, fashion product photography still existed to some form. Back in those days, only big cities would publish newspapers. Advertising on those newspapers would not reach the remote buyers. So businesses started publishing catalogs to reach out to remote consumer class. Consumers knew about the catalogs over time and they would order them or get them one way or another. They would select the products and order them in the mail. Over the course of time, fashion product photography only evolved to be bigger and better. Top celebrities started being used for the purpose and fashion model shooting involving bus full of staff members and equipment or an entire jet liner is not uncommon these days. These are all OK for big billion-dollar companies. But for small timers, best alternative is ghost mannequin photography.

High Cost of Fashion Model Photography is a Barrier

We all have seen how the fasion model shoots are. Professional photographer who is skilled in fashion model photography along with his or her entire team works to bring a photoshoot live. There is at least one main camera with the lead photographer and in some cases, multiple cameras depending on the photoshoot. Then there are supporting staff members of the photography team such as the light man, makeup man, someone who will shade the sun, security personals to make sure the photoshoot goes smooth without any outside interreference, and what not. It is an entire team effort to complete a fashion model photography.

It can be done in a low-key way such as in the studio. All you need is the photographer. Photographer is familiar with his studio and knows how to setup the lights and camera etc. to start the photoshoot. Everything is setup ahead of time and when the model comes in, all they do is to change into the desired clothing products. If several products need to be shot, which is usually common in this type of photoshoot, model will need to change in between the shoot.

Whether the photography is being taken outdoor, by the beach in Bahamas, or in the studio, it is costly to hire a fashion model to dress for all the clothing items. Lot of small businesses cannot afford that cost so next best thing is the ghost mannequin photography that is used in this case.

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Clipping Path Service Brings Life Out of Mannequin Photography

To cut cost, most fashion product owners are using ghost mannequin photography these days. It is the growing trend in fashion industry. It is a no brainer that more and more businesses will use it as this promotes the product in an efficient manner without breaking the bank. However, to bring the life out of a mannequin photography, clipping path service is needed. Without the use of clipping path service, a mannequin photography is just like what it sounds like – a mannequin photography.

A clipping path service provider takes the mannequin photography and edits the image in a way that gives life to the image. All of a sudden, a dead looking photography that has a doll with some clothing wrapped around it start looking like an attractive hillwoman image. This image immediately attracts attention as it brings out the product features in a most effective way.

In some cases where even a million-dollar celebrity image will not showcase some of the features of a clothing item, this few dollar clipping path service that produces the ghost mannequin photography will bring out that result. So, it’s not how much you spend on your product marketing, it’s how efficiently you spend your marketing dollar. If you want to remove a background from an image then you can visit this site remove bg tool

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