Glass: A Unique Scientific and Artistic Invention

Glass, an ancient Mesopotamian invention, is one of the most sought materials around the world. From exquisite glass crockery to contemporary glass doors and windows, it has never failed to mesmerise the human quest for aesthetic exorbitance. People have incorporated glass products from custom glass manufacturers as part and parcel of their everyday life by utilising its unique quality to reflect and refract the light at various levels.

Find Out the Best Glass Manufacturers

Being a material used to make products for everyday use, it’s crucial not to compromise on the quality of the glass purchased. Therefore it’s vital to know about the best customisable glass manufacturers who deliver premium quality glass products with unbeatable quality.

One should not miss the following qualities while searching for the best glass manufacturers:

CSI Certification 

The quality of the glass plays a huge role in determining the durability and performance of glass products. CSI or Construction Specifications Institute has more than 8000 industry professionals who are experts in examining the materials used in buildings and other construction. CSI certification is a benchmark for measuring the quality of industrial materials. Hence it’s mandatory to check whether a glass manufacturing company is CSI certified to confirm the quality of their products.

Customisable and Versatile Glass Products

An experienced custom glass manufacturing firm can provide a stellar collection of custom glass products for their client’s requirements. A customer should contact manufacturers that deliver the following type of processed glass to produce optimal glass products.

  • Annealed Glass – The manufactured glass is progressively cooled down to remove any internal tensions from the manufacturing process.
  • Laminated Glass -A safety glass that doesn’t shatter when broken due to a thin polymer layer that keeps the glass in place.
  • Decorative Glass – Used to make exhibitory glass products. Instantly adds beauty to the space occupied.
  • Performance Glass- Improves daylight penetration and reduces heat ingression.
  • Toughened Glass – A specific kind of safety glass with special processing to bolster its strength.
  • IGU or Insulated Glass Unit – Special glass used to keep homes warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Heat Soaking 

In heat soaking, the glass is exposed to 290 degrees for a prolonged period to accelerate nickel sulphide expansion. The process helps in identifying any impurities present in the glass. Hence the glass that is heat soaked is free from any impurities, improving the quality of the glass manufactured.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is the technique of placing two glasses in a parallel fashion. It helps to cancel the outside noise and trap heat inside the room during winter.

Toughened Glass Variations

Toughened glass is the most popular form of processed glass and is extensively used in making doors, windows, partitions etc. The best custom glass manufacturers differ by the variety and quality of toughened glass they provide. Given below are the latest varieties in toughened glass. Make sure to collaborate with a custom glass manufacturer that can provide all the latest variants in toughened glass.

  • Clear Toughened
  • Ultra Clear Toughened
  • Grey Toughened
  • Spotswood Toughened
  • Satellite Toughened
  • Cathedral toughened
  • Acid Etched Toughened
  • Splashguard Mirror Silver Toughened

Don’t be confused with the diverse glass materials available in the market. It’s one’s responsibility to be aware of the plethora of options in the glass industry. So play smart and contact the best custom glass manufacturer to purchase the most suitable premium quality glass material and enjoy the incandescence and allure of the finest quality glass products.

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