GoGoPDF Online Tips: Different Type Of Online Tools For Your Online Documents

Online documents are a huge step up coming from paper-based documents. Having online documents in our everyday transactions is one of the most convenient ways things are. However, When using online documents inescapable to come across some difficulties along the way.

The best thing to solve all of those difficulties with your online document is using a third-party online tool for your online document, GoGoPDF. This article will talk through the different types of online tools from their platform that may help you with your online documents problems.

Rotate PDF

The first one on our list of the most not widely known online tools from the platform of GoGoPDF is the online tool called “Rotate PDF.” Only a few people know that this kind of online tool even exists, and you can configure your online document by rotating the pages of your PDF file. Hence, making this in our first list of the most underrated online tools from their platform.


How does the online tool Rotate PDF benefit a regular individual that uses an online document? One of the most common reasons for using the online tool rotate PDF is when you receive an individual PDF file with some mistakes in its contents. Some of the pages might be in an upside-down position making the recipient inconveniently read your PDF file.

A landscape type of page to your PDF file is usually done in an image or graph. However, when those types of positions are in a standard text. The reader is required to flip their heads to read the contents. Hence, having an online tool that will allow you to flip the pages for you to have a convenient reading experience.

How to use the online tool “Rotate PDF” by GoGoPDF? Follow this sequence of instructions, and you can rotate those pages anytime you want.

  1. The first step is to transfer your PDF file data that you want to rotate the pages into a readable position.
  2. The second step is to turn the PDF pages into your preferred position. If you are satisfied with the changes and your PDF pages’ angle, you can proceed to step three.
  3. The third step is to save the changes that you made during stage two. Always keep in mind to double-check the changes that you made to avoid redoing all the steps.
  4. The fourth step is to download the newly rotated PDF file into your desired device.

Delete PDF Pages

The second one of our list of the most unwieldy known online tools from the platform of GoGoPDF is this online tool called “Delete PDF Pages.” This has been a useful tool to every online document user out there because of its beneficial function. The online tool “Delete PDF Pages” will allow you to remove your PDF files’ unnecessary contents.

Removing the unnecessary contents from your PDF files is essential in today’s generation to avoid reading the not so important information from your PDF files that may waste most of your time. This allows the recipient of your PDF file to directly and straight read the important things about your PDF file.

This can also be used to remove the pages that you mistakenly put into your PDF files. Having mistakes when handling a PDF file is unavoidable. Hence, using an online tool like “Delete PDF Pages” is an important aspect that you should have when using an online document. Here is how you can delete pages from your PDF file.

  1. Upload the document that you want to remove some of its pages.
  2. Choose the specific pages that you wish to withdraw from the original PDF file.
  3. Save the changes that you made.
  4. Download the newly converted PDF file.

Share PDF Files

You can share your PDF files to your desired recipient through the platform GoGoPDF. This has been one of the most disturbing things to do, especially if you don’t have an excellent platform to share your PDF files. When using GoGoPDF, you can conveniently share your PDF files. All you need to do is follow this sequence of instructions.

  1. Upload the PDF file that you want to share
  2. You will be provided an URL and click on the share file button.
  3. Fill up the needed information.
  4. Lastly, share the PDF file.


There are still a lot of online tools that can help you when handling online documents. Exploring these following online tools from GoGoPDF will make a massive difference in your everyday online document experience.

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