Gold Bracelets Every Girl Would Love to Own

A bracelet is an important everyday accessory to compliment your look. Regardless of the occasion, you are intended to attend; a bracelet deserves to be worn. Trendy and beautiful, a bracelet is all that you need to ooze elegance. It necessarily needs to be there in your jewelry box.

Given below are some of the beautiful bracelet designs that are in trend right now.

#1. A mix of metal:

Can’t figure out between yellow gold and white gold? What if you can get both? The more the metals, the better. Yes, there are bracelets with a combination of metals. There are two or three-toned bracelets available on a lot of jewellery websites. With a mix of metals, these bracelets create a stunning visual effect. The wires of different metals are woven together to make it a masterpiece that is great to transform a simple outfit into runway-worthy.

#2. Charms go mainstream

Subtle and appealing, these bracelets carry small trinkets or decorative ornaments also known as charms. These bracelets look appealing to women from all age groups. However, millennials are more likely to go mad for these bracelets due to their great scope for personalization. The trinkets used in these bracelets can be anything that resembles your personality and speaks of you. So weave your own story with these trendy charm bracelets.

#3. Gold Kadas:

The traditional gold kadas have evolved a lot over the years. Highlighting contemporary design elements, these kadas provide good space for intricate detailing. You can find them at any diamond jewellery store that too in unlimited design options. They are perfect to adorn your ethnic outfits. Having exquisite craftsmanship the gold kadas are no less than a Pandora’s Box.

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#4. Linked bracelets:

Link bracelets are distinguishable by multiple links connected in a repeated fashion. These bracelets are ideal for girls looking for a simple piece of ornament. These classic bracelets have a touch of elegance and classicism. They add an undisturbed beauty to your delicate hands. The link bracelets are perfect for every day as well as office wear. They are extremely beautiful and if you are looking for an ornament that radiates a sophisticated vibe, this bracelet will solve the purpose.

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#5. Initials Bracelet:

This is another bracelet design ruling the trends right now. Gold bracelets featuring initials can be a wonderful gift to impress your loved one. You can also get it for personal use. This beautiful piece of jewelry can act as a memoir for you. Engraving a special date, name, or letter, this bracelet can easily uplift any attire.

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A bracelet is a fine jewelry piece that should be necessarily included in your jewelry box. This versatile and timeless jewel is available in a wide range of designs and patterns. The bespoke simplicity of bracelets makes them a preferred choice for evening parties as well as regular wear. Their undisputed simplicity, grace, and modishness are what grab the attention magnetic bracelet of girls.

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