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Are you all keyed up to finally get started with the best spring break ever in Gulf Shores, AL? Or wish to buy a condo right there, right now? First of all, get in touch with the top-ranked real estate agents in Gulf Shores AL, to get a professional and irrefutable deal!

There is a lively beach-town life outside of Florida! Juiced up by vivid waterfront parties and never-ending fun, the city of Gulf Shores, Alabama, might just be the jackpot destination for those in search of warm weather and a breathtakingly limitless horizon all year round. Here, every grain of sand welcomes you, weary traveler, to warm you up. No way can you resist!

Explore the coastal line leading to Gulf Shores

Where is this marvelous city located anyways? You can find the resort city in Baldwin County on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. To be more precise, it is the southernmost settlement in the state on the Gulf of Mexico. The humid subtropical climate favors the surfing and golfing enthusiasts and those looking for a decent amount of Vitamin D. The extremely visitor- and new resident-friendly city makes sure that there are things to do in Gulf Shores. Opportunities galore to go sightseeing and discover new activities daily!

Renting a house on the beach

Gulf Shores, as you have probably noticed so far, is a worthy holiday resort. Choosing the best vacation rental homes within the top beaches in Gulf Shores, Alabama can be difficult since all of them offer a splendid view.

Prices for renting a beach house start at $120 per night. You’ll find a rental for everyone’s needs, from 1-bedroom condominiums to even 8-bedroom beach houses.

You may wonder what should you do in case you get hooked on this gorgeous resort. And the answer is: find a place here to call your own!

Purchasing a condo is not cheap

Considering the enormous advantage that Gulf Shores is safer than 61% of Alabama cities and 25% compared to all other American cities, many new house hunters choose to settle in this town. With that being said, house prices are somewhat high due to the extraordinary circumstances: the average condo list price is around $500,000. You can find 5-star condos priced as high as $2,400,000. On the other hand, smaller condos can run as low as $135,000.

An intriguing piece of trivia is that even the older generation finds it an ideal place to retire because of its cleanness and warmly welcoming atmosphere. During the last decade, there was a boom in the housing market. Consequently, our city now enjoys a flourishing economy in terms of real estate and tourism. We warn you, however, choosing one particular house amongst all those astounding beachfront condos and bright apartments to buy or just renting a vacation home might just be the toughest nut to crack.

The cost of living in the city matches the national average

According to Bestplaces’ 2019 cost of living report, Gulf Shores, AL received an overall grade of 98.8 which was made up of various factors. The US average is 100. This grade below 100 implies that Gulf Shores is slightly more affordable than the rest of the US cities and towns. Let’s have a look now at the components. The cost of groceries equals the national average grade, meaning it is 100. The average cost of health was graded 99, and it was calculated using the standard rate for a hospital room, costs of a doctor’s office visit and dental checkups. The median housing price was graded 112, defining the area’s average home costs, both for buying and renting, which was higher than the national grade. Median home costs were approximately $260,000. The national average by that time was $230,000. The cost of utilities was 98, slightly below the national grade. It covers the costs of heating or cooling a home using natural gas, electricity, and other fuels.

The rivalry between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

You may have heard about the legendary clash between the two Baldwin County titans. Basically, it revolves around which place owns the title of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Alabama. Ten miles away from Gulf Shores, Orange Beach is located along the Gulf of Mexico and is the easternmost settlement on Alabama’s Gulf Coast with around 5,500 citizens (2020 census). On the other hand, the city of Gulf Shores didn’t have a considerable population either, approximately 12,000 residents.

The average consensus is that Orange Beach is a tad more enchanting and expensive. Coffee shops and dining rooms serve better quality beverages and food in Orange Beach. Nevertheless, in Gulf Shores, you will find a larger range of attractions to win you over. The exotic animal life in Gulf Shores tends to be more varied. Over the years, these cities turned into the center of attention for two focus groups in tourism: snowbirds and spring breakers. Spring breakers, when not in Miami, choose to go to Gulf Shores rather than Orange Beach. Snowbirds or winter visitors, traveling from the cold weather to warm places, couldn’t find a more ideal destination than these two cities.

Getting back to comparing the two cities, the larger one, evidently, also offers more tourist attractions than Orange City.

To tell you the truth, condos in both cities are in high demand; no surprise there. Due to this, most investors make serious amounts of profit in both cities. However, higher rental incomes from tourists and snowbirds are largely due to how updated the home is, the view, amenities, etc. It is up to you to decide which city should take the trophy home. You will need to know about 3 eau claire condominiums

Conclusion: an outstanding investment

Something that may have started out as a stunning vacation spot can now turn into your investment of a lifetime! Purchasing a beach house in Gulf Shores can and will bring considerable revenue for those willing to invest in such unique opportunities. With tourism thriving in the area, the investment should result in the flow of steady income. Follow in the footsteps of many beach house owners before you! Investors first purchase a private property, then they can rent it out virtually all year round. Travelers are flocking to the city, and there is no time out. Good luck finding the ideal spot in this otherworldly city!

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