Hawaiian Dream Slot is a Popular Pachislot Game by JTG

In the Japanese online gambling industry, one of the top-rated casino’s games is Pachislot. It’s the most popular version of the (ハワイアンドリーム) Hawaiian Dream slot. This slot game gained much attention from gambling enthusiasts from its beginning and is now in a solid position among casinos. Even it is not only familiar to Japanese people but also lots of overseas gambling enthusiasts are highly interested in playing this game.   

Indeed, most online gambling games are made by overseas gaming companies, but the Hawaiian Dream slot is one of the Japanese companies’ leading games. Japan Technical’s Games (JTG) is the only company of the product, and that you are familiar with the Japan market, which is made this eye-catching slot game. You can see a clear difference from other slots of the overseas company by playing this slot game.

 Whatever; if you are curious to play this (ハワイアンドリームスロット) Hawaiian Dream slot, you can take a look at this article. This article will be given detailed overviews of this slots game, even people who do not know the original story can enjoy it.

Informational Overview of Hawaiian Dream Slot: 

Hawaiian Dream Slot is a video slot that was developed by JTG (Japan Technical Games) with 3×3 reels. Unlike other video slots, detailed specifications such as bonus rush rate are released. Battle Dwarf, which follows Hawaiian Dream, which also targets Japanese people, has been released, but it is now popular worldwide.

Indeed, Hawaiian Dream Slots is often compared to Pachislot, but there is nothing that the player can intervene in. It is just a push of a spin button, so if you’re an experienced Pachislot player, you’ll definitely find it unsatisfactory. Not long ago, you could only play on the mobile version, but recently you can also play on your computer. If you want to play with the mobile version, the production is livelier on the mobile version’s large screen.

How to Play Hawaiian Dream Slot? 

Hawaiian Dream slot has a simple structure of 3 reels and 5 Paylines, just like a regular Pachislot machine, and a payout is established when 3 symbols are aligned. This game has a normal mode, respin mode, and accessible spin mode.

Essentially, you play in normal mode, and when the symbols are aligned, you will enter “respin mode” or “free spin mode”. It will change to a colorful screen, so you can understand it. Even this slot has a simple pay line and is easy to remember. It’s easy if you remember that it’s 3 horizontal or diagonal.

In Hawaiian Dream, you can earn dividends when the same symbols are lined up on the pay line. Since each symbol has a multiplier set, if you have all the symbols, you can get the payout of the set multiplier x bet amount.

Some Special Feature of Hawaiian Dream Slot: 

Sunset bonus: 

The Sunset Bonus is a unique Hawaiian Dream bonus feature that suddenly occurs during the base game. When the hibiscus displayed above the slot glows while playing the game, it signals a sunset bonus. With this bonus, you can win prizes according to randomly selected symbols.

Free spins: 

In Hawaii and Dream, you can enter the Free Spins Bonus Round by issuing the Respin symbol four times in a row or by aligning the “7” symbols. The number of free spins you can earn is basically eight, but the continuation rate varies depending on the type of “7” symbol.

Besides, there is a respin function during the free spins bonus, so if you are lucky, you can continue to enjoy the bonus rounds. Also, in the final spin, the hibiscus (described later) will shine with a high probability, making it easier to win significant dividends.

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