Here’s what freelancers should ask clients before working

If you are working as a freelancer, you should always ask your clients a few significant questions so that you understand the work and your job in the field of SEO writing. You must be wondering what sort of questions you can ask your clients? Well, let me enlighten you with the most important questions you can ask.

Ask questions that save your time and make you earn more! 

The first question you should always ask is the overview of the content. Such as an overview of the article, marketing strategy, blog, etc. This makes you prepare and plan your content and make the content unique. It also makes your content go in-depth. For example, if you write a blog that is about an exciting product, you can make the introduction paragraph general and ask your viewers to click through your website to read more. Furthermore, you can ask about the purpose of the SEO content. This can vary from increasing sales, getting more views, or driving traffic on the website. It makes you focus on your content and make it more productive.

Should the content be long or short? 

Before you start with SEO content writing, you should always ask if your content should be under 500 words or more. This makes you plan whether you should do extensive and in-depth research. Generally, you can write short content if the purpose is to drive website traffic.

Some of you might be having second thoughts about asking too many questions to the clients. You think it will make you look unprofessional or an amateur content writer. However, let me tell you that the more questions you ask the more clarity you get in terms of your content. This means you get fewer revisions and mistakes. That is why asking questions makes you hit the mark and ace your work so that you can win the client in the long term.

How asking questions opens more job opportunities?

Well, when you ask the right questions to the clients, it shows your confidence and dedication towards the work. It makes you look professional which builds trust. That means, many clients can refer you to others and this will make you gain lots of earning opportunities in the future.

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