HOFELE Unveils HG 63 Sport to woo SUV enthusiasts

The one of its kind German automotive customization house, HOFELE, a fascinating brand that mainly specializes in manufacturer-approved enhancements of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, has recently unveiled its up-to-the-minute bespoke creation based on the iconic Mercedes-AMG G63.

Sleek exterior to entice drivers from the start

The awe-inspiring exterior, with the HOFELE wide wheel arches, is finished in an exceptional matte Moonbeam Silver with exposed matte Carbon elements. The distinguished front bumper design and HOFELE signature front grille is amazingly finished in one-of-its-kind shade of Liquid Black Chrome. Moreover, the exterior enhancements are completed with a fabulous set of HOFELE 24” Cross Spoke forged alloy wheels.

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Exquisite interior – HOFELE specialty from inception

Like most of the other HOFELE products, the interior of HG 63 Sport is truly superb. The HG 63 Sport has the best individual rear seating that comprises a center console with built-in control panel, storage, and also fascinating wireless charging features. Its most impressive feature has been the individual rear seats that are ideally positioned further back in the car while giving an extra ten centimeters of legroom over the standard G-Wagon. Besides, the individual rear VIP seats are exquisitely adjustable electrically with memory settings, heating, and ventilation while the backrests can be wholly reclined.

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When it comes to finishing, the interior of this Bespoke G63 by HOFELE is ideally accomplished in exclusive “Bengal Red” Nappa leather and Alcantara with the surface being ideally enhanced including the Alcantara headlining above, and also the lamb’s wool rugs below.

The reason why this offering helps you to get your money’s worth is that the HOFELE HG63 is fitted with a “valve controlled” exhaust system that helps drivers with merely the touch of a button to enjoy unadulterated aural symphonies from the extraordinary AMG 4.0 bi-Turbo V8.

In addition, they have also got you covered in the pricing department as the HG 63 stands at approximately AED 1.3 million plus taxes, but since every HOFELE vehicle is wholly and solely bespoke, costs are decided by customers’ desires and what they love their vehicles to have.Read more about Tamilmv


HOFELE-Design GmbH, founded 1983 in Donzdorf, Germany, is a privately-owned specialist German tuning company for Mercedes-Benz. HOFELE-Design is recognized by SAE International as a vehicle manufacturer and has been awarded a Worldwide Manufacturers Identification (WMI) code by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA). Over the years, HOFELE-Design has come up with some of the most iconic models to woo drivers and enthusiasts alike. Check out to know about Pii-email. On the other hand you can also know about Pii-email.

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