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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing SEO

AI or artificial intelligence is an advancement in technology that makes things smarter. Some examples are robots taking orders in restaurants and intelligent home equipment like biometrics doors. It also has effects on search engine optimization (SEO). Specialists in this field, like SEO San Antonio agencies, are always on the lookout for the industry’s new trends, including the use of AI.

Google uses AI to determine the best sites to include in the results when users perform a search. By continuously studying how the search engine analyses information and makes its decision, SEO experts like those from reputable San Francisco SEO firms adjust their strategies to what will work for their campaigns. We listed some ways how artificial intelligence is changing SEO.

Search engine focuses on user intent

Google’s algorithm is becoming more intelligent. Although keywords continue to be vital in SEO, you can’t just spam your content with keywords so that you can get a better ranking on SERPs. The search engine can now determine this. Also, it wants to provide the best result to users, so it finds the most appropriate pages that will answer their queries. 

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For instance, if a user searches for the keyword “Britney Spears,” several results may come out from this search, such as her website, songs, and the latest news about her. To better understand the user intent, search for that keyword on the web browser and see what the result gives you. In this case, you will get the top stories of Britney Spears’ engagement to her boyfriend. You may write about that since it is what most users are looking for. Other hot topics to write about are those related to the “people also ask” area. 

Use of virtual reality in digital marketing

Virtual reality is popular in games. You can also see them on maps. You can explore places on Google maps as if you are there. It is also now used in digital marketing. For example, a video advertisement from Lexus uses VR, giving the audience a better feel of its performance. The popular social media platform Facebook lets users go live with 360 videos. SEO specialists can use this in their strategy by incorporating virtual reality videos on their site or content. By properly using titles and meta for the pages and videos, Google can determine what they are and help with the SEO of the site. 

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Voice search for mobile users

With mobile and network providers offering more affordable smartphones and data plans, the number of mobile users kept on soaring. Over 50% of these users purchase using their mobile devices, which is why you cannot skip on your mobile SEO. Compared to desktop users who type their keywords when searching online, many mobile users opt for voice search due to its convenience. SEO specialists must incorporate this in their process to achieve the best result. Voice searches often use long-tail keywords.

SEO tools that use artificial intelligence

It’s not just Google that uses AI to make its algorithm think more human-like and provide exceptional results. Smarter SEO tools are also available to make data collection, comparison, and analysis quicker and more efficient. Some of these tools do the following:

  • Determining the best keywords for your industry
  • Analyzing website traffic
  • Checking the rankings of competitors
  • Getting a better understanding of the browsing behavior of visitors
  • Getting to know more about your target audience
  • Search for broken links and errors on site

These are just some of the things that you can do with SEO tools that use AI. As SEO specialists use these tools, they get better results for their campaigns. For example, it would be challenging to land on the first page of the search results without using these tools to find the right keywords to use.

To sum things up

AI and SEO are both continuously developing. Therefore, SEO specialists should always be on top of the trend to ensure that they don’t get left behind because digital marketing is a fast-changing world. 

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