How Can Tennis Players Recover from Hip Replacement?

Contrary to popular belief, playing tennis requires a lot of coordination of the lower part of the body. Specifically, the functionality of the hip is crucial when playing tennis. This is because tennis players tend to turn quickly with their torso. The abrupt switch in position creates stress on the hip. A tennis player may get injured by fracturing the hip joints or tearing the hip muscles.

An injured hip requires treatment. The treatment may be intravenous, like the Psoas Injection. There are also over-the-counter pills like acetaminophen that relieve hip pain.

After a tennis player has received treatment for their injured hip, they get into the recovery stage. Most players wish to get back to the tennis court and pick up where they left off. However, it is important to know the various tennis hip replacement recovery methods.

These methods will speed up the recovery process and ensure that you are fit to hit the court again.

What Do I Do After a Hip Replacement?

For most tennis players, waiting is not an option. However, it is imperative that you give your hip time to heal. Hip replacement is a surgical process where the hip is reconstructed or completely replaced. The replacement is done with a prosthetic hip.

After this procedure is performed, the tennis player should do the following in order to recover quickly and hit the court.

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1. Exercise Regularly

After a hip replacement surgery, you are required to exercise regularly. Exercise helps you to orient yourself with the new prosthetic. It is recommended that you start off with light exercise. This type of exercise includes taking short walks, climbing staircases, and jogging. Movement through exercise will adjust your hip and enable it to operate efficiently.

Exercise also helps in increasing your blood flow. When blood flows freely through your hips, the chances of developing clots are reduced. Blood clots may develop around the hip if you do not exercise. This clot will cause extra medical bills and discomfort.

Generally, exercise improves your health after a hip replacement procedure. You will be able to go back to playing tennis before you know it!

Eat Healthy and Check Your Weight

It goes without saying that your diet is important to your recovery. Eating foods rich in the required nutrients will speed up your recovery process. Proteins will repair tissues around your hip. Vitamin C will aid your prosthetic hip in absorbing iron. Calcium improves motion around your hip joints and nerve function. Consult with your physician on a regular basis for specific diet tips.

Checking your weight is also crucial. Extra weight will exert a lot of pressure on the prosthetic hip. You should maintain the recommended body to mass index.

Make Adjustments in Your Home

Hip replacement for tennis players takes a few hours. Once the doctor has approved your discharge, you will have to head home. It is necessary for you to make adjustments that will enable you to cope efficiently.

The adjustments include placing frequently used objects close to you. This will reduce unnecessary movement and the risk of injury. You can also seek a house help or a relative to aid you in doing the various house chores.

Hire A Therapist or Supervisor

As a tennis player, you will need to get back to the game as soon as possible. A physical therapist or clinical supervisor will help you achieve this.

These professional supervisors ensure that you do the required amount of exercise daily. The physical therapist will also monitor your progress and advise you accordingly. For example, if your sleeping position may interfere with your replaced hip. The clinical supervisor will recommend the perfect sleeping position.

Lease The Items You Need

Instead of buying the required items, opt to lease or borrow if possible. The items you need during your recovery will not be of use after you recover. Therefore, you do not need to buy these items.

Leasing or borrowing will save you a significant amount of money.

What Should I Avoid After a Hip Replacement Procedure?

Hip replacement requires you to adjust your lifestyle. This adjustment occurs during the recovery period. After this period, you can get back to playing tennis.

The recovery period requires you to do away with some habits and activities. Here are some of the things you should not do.

Bending Your Waist

You should avoid bending your waist to collect items or for any other reason. Physicians mostly discourage bending your waist beyond 90 degrees.

Bending your waist that much may dislocate the prosthetic.

Whenever you need to pick an object up, ask for assistance. This will speed up your recovery.

Crossing Your Legs

Most people have a habit of crossing their legs when seated. This habit is normally harmless. However, after a hip replacement procedure, you should avoid crossing your legs. Just like bending your waist, crossing legs may dislocate your hip.

It is advisable that you sit upright.

Raising Your Knees Above Your Waist

Your prosthetic hip is located around your waist. Raising your knees above the waist stresses the hip joints and may lead to a dislocated joint. You should avoid raising your knees above your waist.

Always sit upright and keep your knees below the waist level.

Turning And Twisting Around the Hip

Ensure that your hip and chest are facing the same direction at all times. Twisting your torso to the right or left may injure your hip.

Twisting may also dislocate the hip joints as they are still recovering. If you have to turn and look back, do so with your whole body. You will recover quickly and head back to the game.

Rushing The Recovery Process

Tennis is a very exciting game. The fear of missing out on games might be an incentive to rush the recovery process. Mostly, players lie about how they feel and state that they are well.

Rushing recovery is detrimental to your health and physical status. Getting injured the second time may be irreversible.

Allow your hip to recover fully. Once you have recovered, you can get back to playing tennis without the fear of getting injured again.

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