How can you prevent balding by a food habit?

Early blading or alopecia is a huge problem. Millions of people are complaining about their early hair loss problem all over the world. Most people think that balding is a genetic problem and it is not curable. But this is somehow false; there can be a lot of factors behind losing `early hair. Your food habit is one of the most important factors of alopecia. You can control your hair health by choosing a good food habit again.

Sings of balding 

According to a study, there are many vital steps of alopecia. If you can detect the early signs of balding, it is easier to prevent alopecia. The main signs of alopecia are-

  • You are losing more hair than usual. The standard hair fall rate is 50 to 100 per day. If you lose more than that rate, you are at risk of alopecia.
  • You are losing hair from another part of the body, like an eyebrow. On a normal day, you do not lose hair from your other parts of the body, but it is certain in an alopecia situation.
  • The thickness of the hair will decrease, and the growth will be too slow.

So, these are the significant signs of early hair loss. This symptom can vary from the gender and age of persons. Again, different medical histories, anxiety, and mental conditions like mental stress are common factors of early hair loss.

Health conditions that ferment early balding   

Typhoid:  Typhoid is one of the worst enemies of hair loss. After typhoid condition, the chance of alopecia is very high.

Fungal infections:  tinea cavities are a common fungal factor that causes stops on the scalp, which leads to hair fall.

Radiation therapy: radiation and chemotherapy is another physical condition that provokes massive hair loss.

How food habit leads you to hair loss?

Our daily diet can be alarming for our hair. If you can’t give up some unhealthy food habits, you will face alopecia soon. Let’s find out the unhealthy food habit for your hair.

Highly glycemic foods: this food contains excess sugar that is not good for the growth of the hair. When you take extra sugar, it increases the level of androgen and insulin. Extra insulin and androgens are not good for hair at all. So try to avoid extra sugar in your daily food habit.

Low protein in daily diet:  hair is built with a protein called keratin. So it would help if you had a protein-based diet for the proper growth of your hair. A protein diet encourages hair fall. Vegetable proteins are a very good source of keratin. You can add foods like beans, lentils, spinach to your daily diet.

Foods contain excess vitamin A: vitamin A is good for sharp vision, but excessive vitamin A can cause hair loss. Cause vitamin Akan makes your hair thinner.

Deficiency of calcium:  deficiency of calcium in the diet can cause hair fall. Calcium makes your hair healthy and stronger. When you have a deficiency of calcium, your hair becomes weak and broken. So, include milk and other foods that contain calcium.

Deficiency of iron and zinc in diet:  iron and zinc help in the proper formation of keratin. This element helps you to have strong and silky hair. Red meat, seafood contain iron and zinc. Spinaches can be a good source for vegetarians.


Strong, silky and healthy hair plays a vital role in your personality. So you can prevent alopecia by maintaining a sound diet and follow the rules of healthy life. If you face any problem regarding hair even after following all health rules, you can consult with your physician for further treatment.         

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