How Do You Build an Electric Bicycle?

If you’re interested in converting your old mountain bike to an electric bicycle, this article will show you how. After disassembling the bike, we’ll install the mid-drive motor, attach a powered wheel, and store the batteries in a frame bag. You can also add a second motor or a second battery if you want to have multiple batteries. Once you’ve built a battery system, you’ll want to add a handlebar-mounted battery for convenience.

Dismantle a mountain bike

If you want to build your own electric bicycle, it is necessary to dismantle a mountain bike. The older the bike is, the greater the risk of material fatigue and treatment. However, dealers usually take on such risks, so you are better off not wasting your time on an old mountain bike. Here are some basic steps to build an electric bike. Read on to learn more about the process.

Install a mid-drive motor

In order to build an electric bicycle with a mid-drive motor, you must replace the crank and chaining on your existing bike. This will require some modifications to your bike, but it is worth the extra effort. You will also need to attach the battery and an LCD display to the bike. Lastly, you must install directional with a cable to the left side of the hub.

Mid-drive motors are very popular among DIY e-bike builders, and they can be very user-friendly. They let you adjust both speed and torque, so you can adjust your ride. The mid-drive motor is best for uphill riding, as it provides more torque. But if you are an average engineer, you can opt to use a hub motor instead. This motor is much less expensive.

Attach a powered wheel

If you’re wondering how to attach a powered wheel to a hovsco electric bike, this step-by-step guide will guide you through the process. An electric bicycle is a relatively simple device, but the process is not without its challenges. Attaching a powered wheel is no different from attaching a conventional bicycle’s wheel. Essentially, you need to replace your traditional wheel with a powered wheel and attach the drive unit to the bottom bracket.

Store batteries in a frame bag

There are several options when it comes to mounting a battery pack on your electric bicycle. The most practical place to mount the battery pack is inside the frame, between the wheels, because of the best balance between weight distribution and ride comfort. While using a saddle bag or rear rack is more convenient, they will negatively affect handling and battery weight distribution. When considering which option is best for your electric bicycle, it helps to consider the weight distribution and frame material.

If you plan to use a triangle-shaped cargo case, choose one that sits over the top-tube of the frame and has space on both sides. You can also use a saddle-bag with a triangle-shaped design. Additive makes a saddle bag with extra space, but it is more expensive. Some hard-tail frames feature a triangle space, which can be used to store a battery.

Install a battery pack

How to install a battery pack when building an electric bicycle is the first step in creating an e-bike. The choice of which battery pack to use will depend on the layout of your frame. Common battery pack arrangements include a linear, rectangular, and “honeycomb” arrangement. While the latter is more space-efficient, it also exposes the battery to more heat. A battery pack diagram should include all of the necessary parts, including the BMS, charges, and wires.

The ebike controller has various components, including main chips, peripheral components, and signal processing circuits. It contains power and device driver circuits, over-current protection, and PWM generator circuits. It has a built-in braking system, which prioritizes shutting down the motor when the battery voltage is low. To prevent overcharging, the controller sends a signal to the motor to shut it down if the battery voltage drops below a certain level.


In order to avoid damaging the battery, install a Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS will monitor the input and output voltage of the battery pack and the current flowing through the cells. This guide applies to all types of the best electric bicycles battery packs, scooter battery packs, and mobility devices. Most of the batteries in these types of devices are made with the same underlying technology, lithium 18650 cells.

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