How Do You Give Yourself a Bohemian Makeover?

Bohemian is a beautiful word. It means a free-spirited individual. This type of person is usually engaged in creative pursuits and lives casually. He or she does not believe in following stringent norms of behavior set up by society. The breed of people who identify themselves as bohemian reflects their non-conformist style in their clothes and the way they accessorize.

Whether it’s pairing up a boho wallet with sixties sunglasses or adorning themselves with a classic layered necklace, there’s endless scope for experimentation with the boho style. Are you trying to emulate this style? Let’s first begin by understanding the roots of the bohemian style.

Bohemian Style 

This style can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s. It came into the mainstream through hippie culture. Some of the major elements that have characterized this style from the beginning are flowy silhouettes, eye-catching prints, headbands, bright colors, junk jewelry, oversized sunglasses, and natural fabrics.

Many celebrities like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have embraced this fashion style. They are thus called boho chicks for the beautiful way in which they carry off this style.

Every person can flaunt a bohemian style by incorporating some of its key elements, which includes:

Boho Wallet and Handbag

These kinds of wallets feature unique designs that are a mixture of ethnic and contemporary styles. This type of wallet is usually bright and colorful and is a perfect accessory for flowing skirts and printed outfits. The appearance of a boho wallet gives off a natural and fresh vibe. Coupled with a woven handbag, it completes this element of the bohemian style. Such bohemian accessories impart a relaxing and playful appeal.

Layered Necklace

Bohemians prefer a classic layered necklace. Such a necklace easily complements almost all of their looks. Whether you choose to couple it with a simple blouse, a fancy dress, or a plain shirt, you can never go wrong with it. Although the layered components of the necklace are different from one another, yet they impart a harmonious look. There is no need to buy a new necklace if you don’t have a layered one. Instead, you can layer some older ones.


Bohemian style is most definitely characterized by sunglasses reminiscent of the 60s era. Bohemians love to rock this kind of sunglasses on a bright and beautiful spring day. These glasses serve the dual purpose of protecting their eyes from the harsh sun rays and also give their outfit a bohemian appeal.

Dreamcatcher Earrings

Who can escape the sight of dreamcatcher or chandelier earrings worn by a woman who identifies herself with this style? These big and dramatic earrings have a unique appeal. They are a great accessory that reflects the carefree spirit of these people. You can pair them with a simple outfit like a white T-shirt and jeans and still create an incredible style statement. Just dreamcatcher earrings coupled with a trendy boho wallet are enough to transform you into a diva in minutes!

For those looking to emulate this style, there’s good news! Almost every element of this style can be found in flea markets or online stores. You only need a little time in your hands to sift through the plethora of dresses and accessories these platforms offer, and soon you will find for yourself something that you love.

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