How Is Life As An ESIC UDC?

ESIC stands for the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation. It is under the Central Government and follows all rules and regulations as laid down by the Center, however, the job is not considered as a Central Government Job. The UDC or Upper Division Clerk positions are filled through the ESIC UDC recruitment process. In this article we will discuss in details about the key responsibilities and roles, the career growth opportunities, pay scale, and much more, associated with this job. Once selected, a candidate is assigned location as per the vacancies available in each state.

Salary Scale of ESIC UDC Employees

ESIC UDC Salary scale is according to the latest 7th Pay Commission decided the pay scale of the ESIC UDC employees and also the list of perks and benefits associated with it.

Once selected, the employee will be receiving salary as per the Level-4 pay scale in accordance to the Pay Matrix for Civilian Employees. The salary for a new employee starts at Rs.25,500 and is decided against the pay scale of Rs.25,500-81,100.  

On top of the salary, every employee is entitled to a set of benefits and allowances that includes Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Transport Allowance (TA), and other such allowances. This list is updates as per the change in rules.

Career Growth

On being successful in the ESIC UDC selection exam the aspirant can be recruited pan-India. This provides ample opportunities for recruitment. Besides this, the scope of promotion is enough and any employee can reach to officer rank on performing well. The following are the promotion options available:

  • The first promotion option comes to the candidate in the form of Assistant position. This position entitles the candidate to receive initial Grade Pay of Rs.4,200.
  • Once a candidate has been serving successfully in the same position for a duration of 3 years, he/she becomes eligible to be promoted to the position of Social Security Officer. This position comes with the initial Grade Pay of Rs.4,600.

Job Profile of ESIC UDC

The ESI, or the Employees’ State Insurance, was incorporated under the ESI Act 1948 for providing insurance schemes to Indian workers across India. This self-financing organization’s fund is managed by the ESIC, which also defines all rules and regulations pertaining to operation and recruitment.


Once a candidate is selected, the roles and responsibilities will vary according to the posting. Here is a brief idea about the type of work one will have to perform:

For candidates posted at Headquarters/ Regional office/ Sub-Region Office

  • Performing all works related to the accounts’ maintenance and management
  • Maintenance of files
  • Drafting letters as and when needed
  • Processing online data

For candidates posted at Branch Office in the post of Cashier

  • Performing all bank related work
  • Maintenance and management of the Cashbook
  • Issuing Cheques

For candidates posted at Branch Office in any Non-cashier post

  • Drafting letters as and when necessary
  • Preparing Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly reports
  • Maintaining the Registers
  • Uploading different certificates
  • Preparing Online Payment Dockets

ESIC Recruitment 2022 Exam – Preparation Tips

If you are planning on appearing for the ESIC Recruitment UDC exam, these tips will help you crack the exam on the first go itself. You may enrol in any coaching institute, however, that is not mandatory.

  • You will need to organize your studying materials and ensure that you are always up to date with what’s happening in the world. The Current Affairs often turn out to be the one segment where many candidates get disqualified.
  • Management of time is critical since you will have to answer a large number of questions within a very short time span. Hence, you will have to ensure that you can attempt maximum question within the given time.
  • Please remember that there is negative marking for wrong answers and hence it is advisable to be as accurate as possible. Do not go with blind guess ever.
  • You will need to give loads of mock exams. These are available in various online portals and you can take help of these portals to get yourself acquainted with the exam pattern.


ESIC UDC is a wonderful job opportunity and comes with a host of benefits besides a handsome pay package. Eligible workers get several perks for being part of ESC UDC’s. They include health benefits such as dental, vision, medical insurance, and many more. Apart from that, they are eligible for 401(k) retirement packages and paid vacation and holiday time. In addition, depending on the position, candidates are eligible for the voucher and discount coupons.

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