How Much Does it cost Maldives Tour Package for Couple

Are you a beach lover who’s gonna get married soon? Well, here’s the exact article you’ve been waiting to read.

I bet you’ve been dreaming of a heavenly honeymoon at a white sand beach with crystal clear waters and sugar-fine sands which is why I am telling you Maldives is the best destination for your journey. Your dream of exploring the exciting marine life and looking for some romantic adventures with your partner is gonna become so much so true at the moment you’ll be finished reading this article.

This extraordinary country is located nearby the equator which gives the wonderful tropical weather it has throughout the whole year. I also went there two years ago fell so much in love and went another one back since.

Maldives honeymoon packages from India for a couple

I know it’s hard to plan, especially an Indian wedding and the honeymoon in your dreams at the same time. But, for a thalasophile like you, this will provide the perfect travel guide to choose the perfect Maldives tour package for couples.

When it comes to an Indian wedding, there’s a huge chance that the wedding’s gonna be last more than a day, right?

By the end of this article, you will have all the details about Maldives honeymoon Packages and Maldives packages for acouple and it totally doesn’t matter which part of India you are from.

Maldives honeymoon package from Bangalore

Are you from Bangalore and planning your honeymoon? Plus, no idea about the cost and the time to travel to Male? Well, Here’s the idea for you.

Listed below are the details about the time and ticket cost from Bangalore airport to Male.

  • Cheapest: $306 for 9h 17m
  • Best: $341 for 2h 07m
  • Quickest: $359 for 2h 00m

Maldives honeymoon package from Mumbai

If you want more time to spend at a heavenly beach in the Indian ocean, not only by yourself, but also with your better half,

This information is just for you!

  • Cheapest: $251 2h 42m
  • Best: $252 2h 42m
  • Quickest: $275 2h 40m

Maldives honeymoon package from Ahmedabad

This Maldives package is only for newlyweds from Ahmedabad. The details of the time and the ticket cost from Ahmedabad to Male International Airport are listed below for your reference.

  • Cheapest: $367 8h 17m
  • Best: $406 5h 17m
  • Quickest: $459 5h 15m

Maldives honeymoon package from Chennai

Are you ready to travel more and more down south from the most southeastern coast of India?

I suppose you will need these details to spend your most dreamed Maldives honeymoon with no imperfections.

  • Cheapest: $331 14h 35m
  • Best: $380 7h 17m
  • Quickest: $471 5h 15m

I hope you just had all the information you needed on your Maldives honeymoon!

I 100% assure you that you’ll be able to Experience a phenomenal honeymoon in this most beautiful country surrounded by the Indian ocean! The Maldives is all about the stunning white-sand beaches, gorgeous villas, and magnificent marine life which will definitely bring you the honeymoon you ever dreamed of.

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