How Often You Should Have a Well Woman Exam

A well-woman exam is a visit to a gynecologist for regular check-ups. These check-ups include checking breasts and pap smears. People usually consider visiting a gynecologist in case of infections, pregnancies, or other conditions causing discomfort. However, regular check-ups are essential to determine any upcoming risks. 

A very commonly asked question is; how often should I visit a gynecologist? The answer to this question is dependent on age; young and fertile females have a different number of visits, while women who have entered menopause have different. In this post, we will be discussing the ages and how many times to visit in a year. 

If you are considering a well-woman exam, you can consult a Trinity gynecology specialist. The specialist can help you guide with any abnormal pap smears or scans. 

When to start visiting a gynecologist?

Children don’t need to visit a gynecologist for several years. Once a child turns 16, she should consider her first visit to a gynecologist. 

Generally, teenage visits to a gynecologist are done if the teen wants answers to some questions or a general discussion about reproductive health. Once a female is 21, the doctor then recommends pap smears or pelvic exams. 

How often should you go to see a gynecologist?

  • A woman between the ages of 21-29 should visit a gynecologist once every year. A female sexually active before the age of 21 should also consider seeing a gynecologist every year. 
  • A woman who is sexually inactive and below 21 is also advised to visit their gynecologist every other year. 
  • After 30, if the female is not pregnant and does not have any concerns, she can consider visiting a gynecologist every other year. Usually, a pap smear is required to check for precancerous cells. These precancerous cells cause cervical cancer, which is due to Human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus is sexually transmitted. If a female does not have the presence of these precancerous cells, she can have pap smears every other year. 
  • Women who have entered menopause may consider visiting a gynecologist once every year. If the lab results are good, then she may consider visiting the gynecologist once in 3 years. 
  • A woman who is 65 years old or more, with no history of precancerous cells does not require pap tests. However, if a female has had three consecutive negative pap smear tests, she does not need any more pap tests. 

From the information provided in the above article, you can schedule your appointments with your gynecologist. 

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