If you like smoking dabs, you know that having the proper dab rig is essential for a positive experience. Dab rigs are the equipment you use to vaporize the concentrates for inhaling. The best thing about dabbing concentrates is the smooth and pure effect that produces an intense high that lasts longer. There are electronic dab rigs that are portable and allow you to dab on the go.

A dab rig is your investment, and you should make sure you are getting your money’s worth by purchasing one that suits your use, style, budget and brings you the most out of your concentrates. Below is a guide to use when evaluating vape kits for sale.

Customizable parts or a complete kit

Decide whether you want a complete kit or customizable parts. If you are a newbie in the world of dab rigs, buying an entire kit is the most convenient option. But if you are an experienced concentrate user looking to customize, purchasing individual parts of a dab rig can help you curate the dab rig of your dreams.

Buy a high-quality torch.

If you prefer the traditional dab rig, ensure you invest in a good quality torch. Remember that you have to heat the nail until it glows red using your torch, and having a good torch saves you frustration and time when setting up your dab.

Pay attention to the nail.

Note that the nail is as helpful as the rig. Moreover, the nail withstands the most use and abuse since you have to heat it every time. It has to be the proper material to withstand the high heat from time to time. Many people prefer quartz or titanium nails rather than glass nails. Titanium tends to heal more quickly and is more durable, saving you more in the long run.

Select a rig that can keep up

Avoid spending money on a dab rig that cannot keep up with your dabbing lifestyle, whether you dab daily or once in a while. If you dab daily, invest in a dab rig that is easier to clean for everyday use.


You have to showcase your style even when smoking dabs. Most dab rigs made of glass are curated meticulously in a very appealing manner. There are various styles and designs for dabbing rigs, and you should pick one with an aesthetic appeal. Buy a dab rig that you also love looking at, using, and displaying in your home. Besides, it is an investment, so you want something worth your money and gives you a pleasant experience when dabbing.


Remember that a good rig is the one that will last you for many years before you need to purchase a new one. A good tip is to start on the lower range of dab rigs if you are a beginner. That is to avoid spending too much on something you won’t like. Then once you are experienced in dabbing, you can invest in the perfect dab rig that suits your needs.

The bottom line

Dab rigs are an excellent way to smoke dabs since they are specifically made for sticky concentrates. From simple to dope designs, you can find one that suits your style.

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