How to design an emblem: program overview

Designers who have experience working with brand representation and visual positioning are aware of the importance it is for any business to design a distinctive iconic logo which accurately conveys its fundamental idea. They’re also familiar with the numerous digital tools specifically designed for creating their logos.

What exactly is a logo? And why is it important for a business?

Logos are graphic symbol that forms the basis of an organization’s visual identity that is a vast collection of colors as well as fonts and symbols that symbolize your company’s brand. Logo as a concept was first used in the 19th century and was later a synonym with the term “ligature” (used as a typographic term) which refers to the connection of various typographic symbols. The logo was a specific text block often used in typography for stamping newspaper titles or catchy headlines. However, it was only a little years later would the word be accepted in the world of marketing that was also gaining momentum due to the increase in production, growth in exports, and increased competition.

What tools and services are out there to create logos?

There are numerous ways to create logos today so it’s difficult to pick the most effective one from the many. Yet, the most popular among them is to a variety of programs and services.

  • Turbologo ( It’s a great online service that is simple, high-quality and contemporary creator of logos that can be created and downloaded fast and absolutely free of cost. It is a type web-based designer which permits users to mix graphics, fonts, popular elements, color palettes, and pre-designed templates that allow designers to design distinctive and stunning logos that are in the most popular formats in a short time and then download them for download. It’s simple and easy to work with this tool.
  • AAA Logo. It’s a free, multi-functional application (available on versions Windows XP, Vista, 7) that lets you create stunning logos effortlessly in the shortest amount of time. The features of the program permit you to insert the images, remove them, save them and edit the final graphic object. Within the functions are different sections of the program that allow users to choose any of your downloaded images to edit, include the text of your choice by using one of the provided types of fonts and effects, then apply them and alter backgrounds and color appearance that the symbol is displayed. The menu of the program gives you the option of adding pictures, figures and inscriptions using various types and designs. Start by choosing an emblem or logo, which appears in the menu of the application. Alongside ready-made images users can design their own unique emblems , save them to the appropriate area or print them.

There are many other popular and highly specialized programs are available for these jobs.

  • Adobe Photoshop. It is the perfect tool for graphic designers who are experienced professionals. There are no fancy templates! All you need is a blank piece with a pen and paper. You can use it to spark your own imagination.

What’s the benefit from this application? You are in control of the process from beginning to finish which means that the final product will exactly how you had in mind and designed it entirely from scratch.

  • Adobe Illustrator. As opposed to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator is a versatile and powerful vector graphic editor, with which you can design not just logos, but additionally cartoon graphics, illustrations, diagrams, and even web pages. Illustrator is extremely popular among professionals, designers who create interactive projects, and experts in the field of video production.
  • Adobe InDesign. This is an industry-standard application to create logos, not just however, almost every kind of polygraphs : letterheads, posters, flyers, brochures periodicals, annual reports and even books.

Our conclusion

There are many software programs that can create logos today and the majority of them are ideal not only for designers with a professional background however, they are also suitable for nearly anyone with the desire to master the art of logo design.

We can state that, on the technical level there aren’t any issues in the design of logos and therefore the task of creating them is sort of a piece cake to professional graphic designers who work in freelancing. The service is available through their marketplace quite extensively and is highly sought-after.

However it is vital to recognize the significance that the company logo plays in. It plays an essential function for any company since it aids in identifying its brand’s name and is an essential element of the corporate image. In many instances it is possible for the logo to blend with a trademark to form an element in the representational visual of the company. Logos also play a significant part in establishing the image of a business and is not to be undervalued. It is now widely understood by the majority of entrepreneurs and marketers and therefore the process of designing a logo is very important, and should not be overlooked with regard to payment and the cost of labor even though it appears simple.

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