How to grow cannabis

How to grow cannabis There are several methods classified according to the growing environment. The materials used for planting each method have different advantages and disadvantages. Growers should study and understand different planting methods before actually planting to choose the method that best suits them. The first part of this article will discuss a broad range of different planting methods. So that growers can easily see the overview of the various methods without confusion. and will go into details of each planting method next

Cannabis cultivation methods are classified according to their growing environment

How to grow CBD kaufen outdoors (Outdoor) is the easiest way to start. Just have free space, I can start planting. This method relies mainly on natural inputs. Therefore, it isn’t easy to control the environment. It has to wait for the sun to rise for photosynthesis, and since cannabisis a short-day plant, it has to wait for the winter to be shorter and more relaxed. Cannabis plants to bloom This means that an outdoor cannabis plant will yield only one cycle in a year.

How to grow cannabis outdoors (Outdoor) is still a problem from various pests. To interfere and cause the yield to fall to the point of a total loss of productivity And growing cannabis in Thailand is still illegal. If planted outdoors, there is a risk of being prosecuted as well. Growing outdoor cannabis requires experience and management skills. Growing outdoors can also produce high yields. It can be seen that outdoor cannabis cultivation methods are easy to start but difficult to end and very risky.

How to grow marijuana indoors (Indoor) is a difficult way to start. Because it requires a lot of equipment, This method relies mainly on human-made inputs of production. Growing marijuana indoors, in greenhouses, or tents is an enclosed system that relies on artificial sunlight from the plant’s lights,allowing the CBD kaufen plant’s light hours to be controlled. Force cannabis to bloom at any time in a year so that it can be planted several times. temperature control using the air conditioner.

Therefore, the weather is suitable for growing throughout the planting. It can also control humidity and prevent mold as well. Carbon dioxide is added to help the cannabis plant’s food supply to increase its yield. How to Grow Cannabis Indoors It is a closed system that is very safe from pests. Because the closed system prevents insects from interfering with the cannabis plant, growing marijuana in a closed system makes it safer from detection by the police. This method is prevalent to grow.

Cannabis planting tent Help prevents insect infestation. Prevent the light from cannabis planting lights to disturb the outside. It also prevents external light from interfering with the cannabis plant during flowering.

It makes it easier to control the internal environment. Choose the right size for the area and number of cannabis plants grown.

How to grow cannabis Classified according to the materials used for planting

How to grow cannabis soil type It’s an easy way to get started. Just have a container of soil, and you can start planting. But to grow successfully and get good yields is very difficult. Because we don’t know what’s in the soil, Are there any nutrients that plants need? Are there any trace elements that are toxic to plants? Some soils may contain heavy metals.

The CBD kaufen plant can absorb heavy metals from the soil and store them in the plant very well. Therefore, the produce from the cannabis plant is contaminated with heavy metals, which are harmful to humans. To find out what elements are present in the soil, it is necessary to send the soil to a soil testing laboratory. will know what elements are in the soil which will incur the cost of sending for inspection.

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