How To Style A Corset

When some fashion historians talk about the corset, they usually refer to the not-so-forgiving bodice with rigid lines with a lace tie-up. They were used to provide structure and shape to the body. These corsets were considered to be a tool that was used to “waist train” women. It was also seen as a tool of torture but not anymore! The modern interpretation of corsets put a fashionable spin on them. They are no longer considered as an underlayer but are actively worn as outerwear.

While layering corset tops has been practiced as a craft for several years, this statement look has taken the fashion scenario by storm as trendsetters like Rihanna and Bella Hadid have also been influenced by this trend. They were seen pairing it with vintage and oversized jeans, leather blazers, and sometimes even dresses, thereby normalizing corsets as a fashion accessory. Corsets are also seen in several fashion weeks where many pair them with shirts and dresses. Thus, the corset look has changed from being an oppressive and dehumanizing tool to an empowering and liberating clothing item.

Here are a few ways in which one can style a corset.

Play safe yet stand out.

If an individual is just experimenting with their looks and is second-guessing if they can pull off a corset or not, or if they are skeptical about not having the right clothes, then this look is for them. A simple straight fit or baggy jeans and a blazer is all that one needs. The chances are that these clothing items are already in the closet and just need to be dugout. One can dress it up further by layering the corset with a shirt and bling it up by adding accessories for a seemingly

into fresh fashion trends in a second effortless statement look.

Too big? No problem!

Many of us buy oversized shirts and sweatshirts and end up with a plethora of baggy clothes because they are comfortable and cozy! However, one can elevate these comfortable clothes by pairing them up with regular or half corsets. These are quirky yet characteristically you! Anything oversized can be paired with a bustier or a corset and a pair of jeans, and some chunky sneakers or boots! This is by far the most modest way of styling a corset.

Suit it up!

If bright colours and co-ord sets fall into one’s alley, then this is a great option. Instead of a shirt, go for a bright coloured corset, and suit it up. If it’s a bit much, one can opt for pastel shades which are trendy right now. Play it safe, or play it wild; the options are limitless.

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Bodysuit what?

Everyone knows that a bodysuit and jeans go really well together but little do they know that they can pair a corset with jeans instead of a bodysuit, and it works just well! Since corsets are well fitted, they do not move much and offer coverage and protection that bodysuits do while serving looks. So pair a bright coloured corset with some faded jeans to turn some heads. It’s that easy!

Mix it up!

One does not need to look hard enough to find corsets that are made out of different materials or different styles. One easy and not so out there option is a denim corset! These make for a subtle yet sophisticated look. Pair it up with shirts, dresses, or sweatshirts; these will make sure that you’re comfortable in your skin while experimenting.

Work from home edit 

Working from home doesn’t imply that one can not be fashionable. Pair up a corset with relaxed fit pants instead of pajamas for a chic look!

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