How to Treat an ACL Injury?

Sports injuries are common, especially with physically active individuals, including athletes. Besides most common knee injuries, ligament injuries are also prevalent. It is critical to find immediate care to help you resume your sports activities.

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What is an ACL injury?

The anterior cruciate ligament, ACL, is a group of tissues that supports and connects the thigh bone with the shinbone. The ligament enhances the knee to rotate and gives the shinbone firm support.

ACL injuries are common with sports activities that involve jumping, sudden stops, landing, or sudden changes of direction, such as football and basketball.

The ACL injury may occur due to;

  •         Overextending the knee while running
  •         Pivoting and sidestepping
  •         Landing a jump incorrectly
  •         A direct hit to your knee

You may have an increased risk of having an ACL tear from the following factors.

  •         Unfitting footwear
  •         Being a female
  •         Poor conditioning
  •         Using poorly maintained sports equipment
  •         Faulty movement patterns
  •         If you participate in football, soccer, downhill skiing
  •         Playing on artificial turf

Having an ACL injury promotes your chances of developing osteoarthritis in the knee. However, that may depend on the injury severity and other injuries involved.

What are the symptoms of an ACL injury?

Usually, when an ACL tear happens, you are likely to hear a popping sound. You may also experience the following.

  •         Loss of movement
  •         Pain
  •         Tenderness around the joint
  •         Knee instability
  •         Swelling
  •         Knee buckling
  •         Difficulty walking
  •         Other injuries on your knee include a meniscus tear

What to expect during an ACL repair?

Your treatment method will depend on the extent of the injury. When the tear is not complete and has not affected your knee joint stability, nonsurgical treatment may be ideal for treating the issue.

Your provider recommends surgery when the tear has caused knee instability. Surgery may also be appropriate to restore your ligament strength.

ACL repair does not involve the damaged ligament. However, your surgeon uses tendons from other body parts to rebuild the ligament. Your provider places the tendon between your femur and tibia to replace the original position of the torn ligament.

Will you need physical therapy to recover from an ACL repair?

Physical therapy provides excellent outcomes with most recoveries, including ACL injury. It helps relieve pain after surgery, promotes healing, improves circulation, and minimizes inflammation.

Your therapy starts by reinstating your mobility and weight balance. From this point, your provider suggests an exercise to enhance your strength and balance.

To allow you to return to your physical activity, your provider works with you to enhance quick recovery and improve your performance.

Contact an ACL repair specialist today

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