How to Use Instagram Post Templates in Your Business

Creating amazing Instagram posts takes time. The key to making your Instagram feed stand out is to create incredible-looking posts. How do businesses create consistent Instagram posts without spending hours doing so? With the use of Instagram templates.

Working with a set of carefully curated post templates can save you hours, help develop your brand aesthetic, and take your Instagram game to the next level.

Why should businesses use Instagram templates?

Instagram templates are pre-designed layouts with graphics and text that can be edited to create new posts and Instagram Stories. Maintaining a consistent positing syle in social media posts can be tricky, especially if you have more than one social media manager. Using a few different templates helps you create a cohesive brand aesthetic and ensures all of your posts and Stories are consistent and resonate with your target audience. Post templates allow you to use the same font, color palette, layouts, filters, graphic elements, and more.

You don’t need expert design skills to create custom templates. The perfect Instagram post template comes with an editor that allows you to upload images from your camera roll, set your desired color palette, and adjust the copy in text boxes. Lucid Press has a great selection of free Instagram post templates and examples that will help empower your team and grow your brand.

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A template locking feature eliminates the risk of logos, text, or images being stretched, moved, or discolored. Using a template in the traditional Instagram layout or an Instagram Story template helps you create consistent posts that attract followers and boost your brand.

Build brand awareness with branded fonts.

Instagram Story templates can include your brand’s font or color palette. Using a consistent font and color scheme is important for building your brand aesthetic, design, and style. The design elements of your brand’s website should be incorporated into your Instagram theme. The more consistency in the elements across your website, Instagram posts, and stories, the better you can create a unified brand aesthetic.

Build the connection between Instagram Stories and your product.

Think of Instagram Stories as a continuation of your marketing efforts. Stories give you the chance to be spontaneous and raw with your audience as opposed to curated posts in your Instagram feed. Stories are a smart way to market your product or service. You can get creative and find ways to mimic your brand’s website style in your Stories to help bring your product or service to life.

Promote new content with simple backgrounds.

A great Instagram tip is to use simple backgrounds to promote new content. A set of matching backgrounds with editable fonts is simple yet impactful and helps your content pop. Simple text-based templates are ideal when you’re promoting new content, resources, downloads, or promotions. The less your audience has to look at, the more they can focus on the message you are delivering.

Include branded calls to action.

Branded templates are a great place to include calls to action. These let your followers know where to go to find what you’re promoting. Instagram Stories do have a “swipe-up” link but it’s easy to miss. Including an additional CTA in your template design ensures you’ll grab your audience’s attention and increase traffic to your site.

Future-proof your templates.

The great thing about templates is the ability to future-proof them to save time and effort. Using a collection of different templates for each of your scheduled posts saves your team time when creating posts. Templates come with space to insert a text box, an icon, and a caption and they allow you to lock things like text color and font style.

The key to standing out on social media is to deliver consistent Instagram posts and Instagram Stories that unify your brand aesthetic, style, and design.

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