How You Could Lose the Compensation You Deserve for Your Ontario Personal Injury

A personal injury case can fail or succeed, depending on some factors. Personal injury proceedings are expected to be long and drawn-out. If you win your case, you can receive compensation but there are mistakes you must avoid, so you don’t minimize the damages you can be awarded.  To increase your chances of getting the most out of your injury claim, work with a skilled personal injury attorney in Ontario who can help you prepare and build your case. Your attorney will inform you about the things that could cause you to lose the compensation you deserve. These things include the following:


After an accident, you should not wait to see a doctor. By going to a doctor as soon as possible, you can create records that demonstrate you were hurt and prove the occurrence of an accident. Waiting can give the insurance company a reason not to pay damages. Particularly, they can claim your injuries are not serious enough to warrant compensation. In addition, if you don’t get immediate medical attention and you experience new symptoms or injuries later, you may not be able to pursue compensation for it. 

Organizing Your Case Without a Lawyer

Personal injury law is complex and detail oriented. And preparing a successful injury lawsuit is quite time-consuming. An injury lawyer is aware of the ins and outs of this law. They have extensive experience helping injured victims pursue the compensation they deserve following an accident. Regardless of the type of injury you have experienced, they can guide you through each step of the claims process. They know the tricks and traps that insurers use to avoid paying up and fight for you until you get the compensation you need.

Accepting the Insurance Company’s First Offer

As personal injury law cases are stressful, you may be tempted to accept the insurance company’s first settlement offer. This is expected from the company because they want to avoid a higher payout. Often, their initial offer comes with an agreement that you cannot sue the defendant or the company. Your lawyer will advise you against accepting the initial offer. You will need to collect evidence first and work with an expert to prepare a strong claim. A thorough investigation of your case will disclose the extent of damages you have endured and how much compensation you deserve to get for them. Your lawyer can negotiate a fair offer with the insurer or take your case to trial, so a jury or judge will determine an appropriate monetary award for your injuries. 

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