Improve Your Ankle and Foot Function with Reconstructive Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

A significant percentage of people experience ankle or foot injuries in their line of work or when engaging in sports. These injuries can cause debilitating pain and limit your foot and ankle functionality. If your ankle or foot condition is not improving after a period of conservative treatment, you should consider undertaking surgery. Dr. Jaymes Granata specializes in orthopedic foot and ankle surgery and provides effective foot and ankle reconstruction surgery to relieve pain and enhance functionality. For more inquiries about how the surgery can help you, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What Conditions Need Reconstructive Surgery?

You are probably wondering the types of conditions one can have to benefit from reconstructive surgery. Some of the ankle and foot conditions that require reconstructive surgery include;

  • Ankle or foot fracture
  • Arthritis
  • Bunions
  • Flat foot
  • Torn ligaments in your ankle or foot

When Do You Need To Undertake Reconstructive Surgery?

Regardless of the cause of your ankle or foot condition, doctors do not recommend reconstructive surgery as the first form of treatment. You should first try out foot and ankle reconstructive surgery as the best option for conservative treatments, including medications, physical therapy, or the use of orthotics. 

What Can You Expect During A Foot Reconstructive Surgery?

When you go for a foot reconstructive surgery, your experience will depend on your specific foot condition. Dr. Granata will develop an individualized surgical plan for you, depending on your medical needs. For instance, if you are having reconstructive surgery to fix your bunion, the doctor might have to repair the ligaments and tendons around your big toe or realigning the joints to relieve pain or discomfort and enhance function.

Similar to bunion surgery, flat foot reconstructive surgery needs repairing of ligaments and tendons and bone realignment. If you have arthritis, the doctor might require cleaning the diseased joint or replacing it with an artificial joint during the surgery. At Battle Born Bone & Joint Center, Dr. Granata can perform same-day reconstructive surgery procedures so you can go back home the same day.

What Should You Expect During An Ankle Reconstructive Surgery?

Similar to reconstructive foot surgery, ankle reconstructive surgery will vary depending on your medical condition and needs. When you go for ankle ligament reconstruction, Dr. Granata might perform an innovative Brostrom procedure during which he tightens and reattaches a ligament that cannot be stitched back together. Your surgeon can finish most ankle reconstructive surgery procedures on the same day.

What Happens After Reconstructive Surgery?

After reconstructive surgery, you will probably be in bandages or cast to enhance healing and pain relief. To help improve strength and mobility, your provider might recommend physical therapy. You will also receive regular office follow-ups. The surgery might take about six months or more for you to heal fully.

Do not struggle with ankle or foot pain any longer. If you require ankle or foot surgery in and around Las Vegas, Nevada, call or book an appointment online today for an assessment.

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