Interior design lessons from Florida

Recent research showed that Florida has the most impactful design aesthetic. That makes Florida’s sun-drenched beaches the greatest spot to get interior design inspiration. Rita Chraibi is an interior designer in Miami and she can help you bring this aesthetic into your home.

International designers by Rita Chraibi is one of the top interior designers in the industry with unparalleled talent and vision, as well as a wide range of skills and ability to surpass expectations. Rita Chraibi has worked on several successful projects in Europe and North Africa. Rita brings her diverse cultural richness, design visions, and flair for style and elegance to the United States, making her company, International Designers LLC, a paragon of the interior design world.

What is the Florida style secret?

Miami is home to a significant percentage of the Central/South American and European populations who admire modernism. People travel and move to Miami to be entertained.

Colorful Miami automobiles and clothes stand out against the blue ocean and sky, white beaches and buildings. This contrast is reflected in Miami’s home decor style, which is characterized by neutral colors and natural elements such as wood, stone and marble.

The fearless use of bright colors and bold furniture is undoubtedly the most sought-after characteristic of Florida home interior design.

The residents are not afraid to take risks and use bold modern art that catches the eye of certain parts of the house. Accent is important. Accent colors and textures are key, as are polychrome textiles and vibrant contemporary art.

How to implement Florida’s design aesthetic in your home?

1. Use neutrals

Although Florida residents are not afraid of a kaleidoscopic palette, the basic colors remain neutral, ensuring a “Spartan approach” to design.

Think about neutral colors, for example, neutral walls make a great base for placing daring pieces of modern art. White is often used here in addition to lots of white and silver linen wall coverings.

2. Try art on your floor

Florida residents enjoy art, but not in the way you know it. Instead of hanging rainbow artwork on the walls, they paint on the floors. However, if you’re looking for a daring rug, we recommend balancing the scheme with natural flooring, including marble or wide planks of sandblasted wood.

3. Wall panels with mirrored surfaces

Another quintessentially Floridan statement is the use of gorgeous wall panels with mirrored surfaces, which creates more depth and interest in a room and lends an expansive feel to the space. But a mirror’s fascination doesn’t end there.

Why are mirrors and mirrored wall panels used so extensively? To fully capture the waves and the sky. Classic Miami.

4. Blur the boundaries between inside and outside space

This practice of blurring the lines between inside and outside space is a Florida thing. They use stylish window designs to define light and frame gorgeous sunrises and Miami water views.

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