Internet started acting weird, or you gameplay got choppy? Well, test ping or check your other internet problems with best online tool available.

Need a tool to test ping or check packet loss or any other internet related issue? Waste your time no more, because we have the found the best honest ping checker to get you the best results and figure out the issues your internet might be having.

Where your ping matters

Most of the internet users are not even aware of the word “PING”, because obviously it doesn’t matter for regular web browsing. Ping is basically measurement in numbers between you and the host server you’re trying reach. Ping is really a thing for gamers and streamers because they’re the ones who get affected highly by the ping when it fluctuates.

Moreover, FixUbuntu comes with multiple checkers like Packet loss, FPS, Microphone, Webcam, Microphone and other computer accessories checkers. 

Packet Loss checker

Packet loss is really annoying for competitive games players for example PUBG and League Of Legends players, a little packet loss can turn the whole game and cause a great loss for you and your team, Packet loss is basically a data in packets whenever you attempt a move in a game it sends the packet to server and if packet doesn’t reaches its destination it causes lagg (Stuck) for you. So before you get yourself in a competitive game like PUBG or LOL make sure you check your pubg ping or run a lol ping test and make sure you’ll have a trouble-free gameplay.


In addition this tools come with FPS (frames per second), to ensure the smoothness of your gameplay and diagnose any heat up or GPU issues your pc might be having. Aside from ping and packet loss the third most important thing is your FPS. Most games don’t have any internal FPS checker but as you do your ping test you can also hit the FPS tester before you jump into a game.


FixUbuntu Brings the best cam checker to perform a test for your webcam, sometimes it’s really a good move to check your cam before you run a stream or go live on any platform because it can interrupt the session and might push your viewers away from you. 

Monitor Refresh Rate

Monitor refresh rate is actually an important thing for your FPS. It’s the maximum limit for your FPS to hit, so if you’re curious what are the max FPS you’re going to get, you check your Monitor refresh rate along with your other internet ping test.

Important to understand, there are several ping checker and testers out there but they have been not so honest for the results, sometimes it’s the issue from their end but they leave you in confusion and you keep finding a fix for your issue which doesn’t even exists in your system or your internet. FixUbuntu have worldwide servers from all the regions to get you the best results for your game servers, it helps you to find the best host server where your internet serves the best. 

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