Is it Possible to Switch Jobs While Receiving Workers’ Compensation? Washington

Following an accident, one of the most popular questions workers have is can you change jobs while on workers comp and what effect it might have on my workers’ compensation claims in Washington? We answer this question in detail in the following article.

Workers’ compensation benefits are not conditional on employment 

Employees can change jobs and keep their benefits. If you get a job offer while being on workers’ compensation benefits, you have the option to give notice, switch jobs, and begin working for the new firm.

If you are out of work due to an injury when you look for new employment, you should speak with your doctors about your medical status. You should avoid accepting job opportunities if you are likely to subsequently discover that you cannot execute the job due to your injury. As you recuperate from an injury or surgery, your early return to work or acceptance of labour that exceeds your capabilities may hamper your worker’s compensation case.

When it’s time to go back to work:

If you are claiming temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits, call a workers’ compensation insurance provider and notify your adjuster that you have accepted a job. Inform them how much it pays and when you will be joining.

Submit all necessary documents: Check with the adjuster to see if any evidence of the employment change is required. If the adjuster states you must submit documentation, request that backups of the documentation be sent to you, then fill out and return the papers.

You could qualify for partial wage loss compensation if your new job pays considerably less than the job you had before you were injured. Before choosing a new position at a substantially reduced income, you should consult a workers’ compensation attorney.

It is a good idea to work with doctors to ensure that your new job is safe to undertake. Along with that, they can help you determine if job tasks are compatible with any medical limitations prescribed. 

During Relocation:

When a person recovers from a workplace injury and moves to another state, it’s important to remember that each state’s workers’ compensation policy is different.

Individuals who have suffered a serious injury should try to identify caretakers in the new state of residency before relocating. They must also make sure they have a clear plan to continue receiving care in the state where they were hurt.

Even with meticulous planning, it may be essential to assess the state where the accident took place. For instance, receiving a permanent disability rating may need you to attend an examination. After you relocate, such an evaluation may be expensive and time-consuming to conduct. Still, it may be important to guarantee that your workers’ compensation benefits are continued.

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