Jazz dance, known for its smooth progressions and moves, is making a comeback this season. When it comes to this dance style, beginners need to realize that proper shoes must practice jazz in the oven. Although many shoes in the market offer flexible shoes, jazz shoes are a must as they are specifically designed for protecting the dancers from injury.

Jazz shoes are similar to ballet shoes in many ways in that both of them have a flexible doll that is reinforced, both of them have rubber heels, and both are to be fitted.

Male and female dancers both wear these shoes regardless of how old they are. Such shoes are typically worn to reduce friction which is immensely useful while performing pirouettes. Children can also use them to avoid dancing barefoot and provide more support and stability.

Let’s look at the various types of jazz shoes.

Full sole shoes

As the name suggests, the shoes have a full sole that aims to provide support throughout the day. It is best suited for strengthening the feet and supporting dancers while they practice their pointe and demi-pointe, making it a great choice for beginners. They help dancers get stronger and supple feet. Additionally, these shoes have an option of inserts or insoles or orthotics that can provide additional support wherever needed.

These shoes are made up of super-soft leather with a lace-up feature that ensures that the shoes mould to the dancer’s feet and stay put even while performing the difficult dance moves. The lace-up style also allows for a comfortable fit for those who have narrow or wide feet. The standard colours that these can be found are in black and tan, apart from these shoes can also be found in beige and brown.

Split sole shoes

Split sole joe is also a lace-up shoe, just like a full sole shoe, with the added benefit of being customizable or adjusted for the perfect fit thanks to the laces. These are made from high end, best quality leather with a cotton lining that makes them breathable. These shoes are well built and are comfortable. The integrity of these shoes is also ensured as the sole that is split in the middle provides a secure fit by hugging the foot’s arch. Split shoes also enhance the foot line, making them the best option for those dancers who want to show off their arch and foot line without compromising on the extra safety, as these shoes can be laced up for a snug fit. Dancers can find shoes that match their requirements pretty easily. These shoes come in black, white and tan colours.

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Slip-on Jazz boots

The Slip-On Split Sole Jazz Boot is preferred by those looking for a more ‘boot-like style of jazz shoe. It has a slightly higher fit on the top of the foot than the other jazz shoes in the collection; it provides more ankle support than normal shoes as it has more coverage.

These boots come with elastic inserts found on the sides that provide extra flexibility and are very accommodating and forgiving for many foot shapes.

Additionally, it is crafted using high-quality leather that ensures durability without sacrificing comfort. Its split sole accentuates the foot line and arch just like a split sole shoe, ensuring a perfect fit. These boots are available in traditional colours of black and tan in many stores.

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