Learn More About Back Pain, Its Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Recently, back pains have become the leading cause of disability all over the world. The specialists at East Brunswick, NJ Spine and Wellness have the skills and knowledge to diagnose and treat back pain. But before the treatment, they first establish the underlying cause of your back pain. They use a series of therapies and cutting-edge tools to help you feel better faster.

What causes back pain?

Mostly, back pains develop after a lifting injury or a fall, and this kind of back pain resolves within six weeks. This kind of back pain is also known as acute back pain. The other type of back pain is chronic back pain that lasts longer than three months. The common causes of acute and chronic pain include arthritis, sciatica, strains and sprains, spinal stenosis, pinched nerve, degenerated discs, osteoporosis, herniated disc, and spine fractures. Getting to know the root cause of your back pain, either acute or chronic, helps you get the appropriate treatment to ease your pain.

How is back pain diagnosed?

The specialists first conduct a comprehensive evaluation to find out the reason for your backache. They will first review your medical history and symptoms and perform a physical assessment. In the physical assessment, they will assess your ability to walk, lift your legs, stand, and sit. To establish the root cause of your pain, they will perform other tests such as electromyography, CT or MRI scan, and an X-ray or bone scan. The results obtained are used to formulate your diagnosis.visit here movie4me

How is back pain treated?

They use a multidisciplinary approach to provide for your care and treatment plan. They engage you in finding a conservative treatment option that will cause minimal disruption to your day-to-day life whilst giving you the best opportunity to relieve your painful symptoms.

The treatment plan they may come up with includes epidural injections, activity modification, regenerative medicine, chiropractic care, acupuncture, anti-inflammatory medication, trigger point injection, physical therapy, and DRX9000 spinal decompression therapy. The specialists always work closely with you and schedule you for regular follow-up appointments to monitor your pain and adjust your treatment where necessary.More info for visit the site bolly4u

Will you need surgery for your back pain?

The specialists rarely recommend a surgical procedure to reduce your back pain. However, surgery may be recommended for patients having herniated discs that cause persistent pain and muscle weakness. Surgery may also be an option in case of extensive spinal damage from a medical condition or an injury. The types of surgeries performed include laminectomy, spinal fusion, disc replacement, and discectomy. In such surgical procedures, the specialists use minimally invasive spinal surgery techniques too. This aids in reducing the recovery time and post-surgery pain; hence you get well faster.

In summary, do not ignore back pains, especially if you do not know their root cause. Your specialist will make a treatment plan and other conservative management which suits your needs, and this will help you feel better faster. If you need back pain consultation, do not hesitate to call NJ Spine and Wellness or book an appointment with them here okpunjab

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