Main traits that a good seer should have

Clairvoyance is a job that requires not only enthusiasm and talent, but also a desire to help and an innate vision of the gifts of nature and destiny. For this reason, special care should be taken when choosing the professional that you decide to consult at all times.

When speaking of clairvoyance and occultism, it should be known that many are the amateurs who dedicate themselves to offering their gifts without taking into account the damage that they can cause to the client. In this sense, it is best to carry out a careful and well-structured analysis of the characteristics of a clairvoyant before venturing to ask her for advice. For this reason, the main features that this type of professional must cover will be discussed.


To begin with, a true seer is always honest and clear, from the beginning to the end. She never tries to sell far-fetched ideas or give a situation suspense. The treatment of her with the client must be welcoming and convey the sincerity that she needs at the moment.

Close person

Many people view psychics as spirit guides, making a consultation as important as the urgency the client may have. It is because of this detail that a clairvoyant must be close and interested in the problems or concerns of her clients. In general, they should not only be able to respond with letters, but also take the time to give advice according to the designs they can see, to help people much more.

Be reachable

There may be times when the problems are much bigger than the person and they need the guidance and care of a psychic. In these cases, it is necessary that it be available and locatable, so it is a trait of the profession that must always be maintained.

Likewise, their service requires that they know how to listen and understand the client, giving them the confidence of being able to give them the details of the situation to address it and achieve a solution, or at least, illuminate the way a little with the use of tarot or some other means of communication.

Seers without a cabinet

Continuing with the previous point, you should be aware that a psychic who does not use a cabinet has two advantages:

No time is wasted. By not having to speak to mediators before contacting the clairvoyant, the time is much longer and can be better used.

Considerable savings. Cabinet psychics tend to charge much more money per session, since they have to pay their staff. On the other hand, those who do not have a cabinet only charge an adequate sum to be able to make a living from it.

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With the gift of birth

One of the most prominent features that a professional seer has is having the gift of birth. This point is decisive, since she verifies that this gift from the universe was for her and must be used with responsibility and seriousness.

This is how seers with a gift from birth tend to be much more focused, better advisers and careful when offering a judgment or giving advice, being clear that the consultant is the one who must make the decisions about his life and no one else .

Anyone who consults a clairvoyant does so with the idea of being able to know her destiny, what she should do in a certain situation or just as a way to find a guide along the way. That is why it will be essential to have a professional clairvoyant who is up to scratch and can help at all times.

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