Marketing with Classified Ads

Since we have discussed information about classifieds, this time we are going to discuss how to do classified advertising marketing to get the best results with online (or offline) marketing strategies. Marketing through classified ads new Backpage consists of including ads on web pages for this purpose, at least this is the modality that exists in many occasions for free and in others at low cost, being able to pay with the modality of micropayments or in payment.

With a card, although you can also do classified advertising marketing in national, local and international newspapers for a fee that without being excessive is somewhat higher. The importance of classified ads is good as it is a simple, fast and very inexpensive method of promotion that can be combined with other marketing strategies so that anyone visiting the classifieds sites can see the ad. The main tips for designing a good marketing campaign through classified ads are:

  • Create unique ads for each page, to avoid published content and give more importance to the ad that is considered unique and prepared especially for the page on which it is included.
  • Create advertisements intended to attract the attention of Internet users who may see the advertisement.
  • Create a good headline that draws attention to the ad.
  • Choose the best classified ad sites, taking into account what is needed, sometimes pages with greater popularity and visits, on other classified ad sites that allow you to put a link that counts for search engines, etc.
  • If the occasion deserves it, you can pay for the sponsored ad, after a while, evaluating the results.
  • Decorating the ad with an image can make the ad have many more views.

The promotion through classified ads can give visibility to the advertiser, as well as visits to the web page if it has one or to the business, it also allows to organize the ad in the sector in which it is interested in advertising, so that whoever accesses the ad is exactly looking for what do you need. To reach more people, you have to advertise on as many classified ad sites as possible by spending time on this work, using all the data that is necessary in an informative but specific ad, and using keywords in the ads that allow users to reach through search engines.

Renewing the ads is important, since otherwise the ads expire and stop being seen, although sometimes it will be good to create a new ad to draw attention to other users or comment on company news.

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