Mike Bobinski has joined the men’s basketball committee of NCAA

Once again, Mike Bobinski will play a member of the NCAA men’s basketball committee. It is the second time for Mike Bobinski that he is on the committee of NCAA. Mike Bobinski is a Purdue athletic, and Mike Bobinski will replace the position of Northwestern athletic director. Jim Phillips was the former Northwestern athletic director. Jim Phillips will take the place of commissioner of the athletic coast conference. Mike Bobinski has served the NCAA committee for 5 years in the past. So, he has the experience of how to handle his duty. He was on the committee from 2009 to 2013 and did his best from his position.

Mike Bobinski is a 63 years old athletic director of the Purdue basketball team. He is an honest man, and Mike Bobinski knows how to complete his duty. Mike Bobinski is an American by born. He has been maintaining his position at the Purdue basketball team since 2016. Bobinski has a successful basketball career. He is also a former basketball player, and he started his basketball career from his school life. When Mike was a student at Longwood High School, Mike started to play basketball. From his school life, he chooses his career as a basketball player. Mike also made a successful career in basketball ground. He proved himself in every basketball match he played. 

Mike Bobinski is one of the bright names in basketball history. He deserves this position. Because according to the past, the NCAA men’s basketball committee needs a man who is related to basketball, and Mike Bobinski has a long time relation with basketball. Mike Bobinski also has a large fan base. Mike Bobinski is the perfect person for the position in the committee of NCAA men’s basketball.

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