Mother of the Bride Dresses: The What, Who, Where and When

Mothers of the bride-to-be were formerly required to wear matronly gowns in Easter-egg colours or washed-out beige tones. That, thankfully, is a thing of the past. However, now that they can express their aesthetic tastes, deciding what the bride’s mother should wear in light of the plethora of trendy alternatives available may be very daunting. What a case of being spoiled with choice! But never be afraid. Whether you’re a bride looking to assist your mother in finding the right outfit or the mother herself, this page has the what, who, where and when of mother of the bride dresses:

Allow the Bride to Guide You

If you can take one piece of advice, make it this one: Suggestions for style, colour, and level of formality should be taken from the bride. She and the husband set the standard for the wedding, whether it’s a relaxed rural wedding replete with boots or a black-tie extravaganza. Meanwhile, you are a vital component of the bridal party, and you should dress accordingly. Therefore, seek guidance from your daughter and follow likewise.

Consider the Wedding Party’s Colour Palette

Typically, the dress worn by the mother of the bride should coordinate with the colours of the bridal party. As such, it’s ideal to begin shopping once your daughter selects the bridesmaids’ gowns. So, request a sample of their cloth to take with you, and this will be quite useful when looking for a complementary colour.

If your daughter prefers unique clothes in a comparable hue to the standard bridesmaid dresses, commit to either one. For example, if she requests that her bridesmaids wear black evening gowns, you may go for a silver or grey gown. Alternatively, if they are wearing greyish blue, a navy gown might be ideal.

Borrow From the Location

Traditionally, the mother of the bride dresses adhered to a certain uniform, for example, a party jacket above a hidden sheath. But nowadays, nearly everything is acceptable, as long as it is suited for the occasion. Therefore, while you would not wear a strapless gown to a traditional wedding, it may be ideal for a beachside ceremony. However, you may immediately transform that same dress into chapel-suitable by adding a gorgeous shawl or, perhaps, even a jacket.

Appropriate Timing and Communication of Your Choice

According to wedding experts, you should begin shopping for your gown at least three months ahead of time to allow for custom requests and adjustments. You may choose to shop for your gown in department or specialised stores, but do not overlook classic bridal salons. Moreover, numerous venues provide alternatives for the bride’s mother as well!

Make Yourself Pretty Before the Wedding

No specific regulations govern the hair and cosmetics of the mother of the bride. Although, consider elegance, understatement, and appropriateness, all of which should indicate your style. And as with the wedding party, you’ll want to get a new manicure and pedicure a day before the ceremony and get your hair and makeup done on the big day. And whether you choose to do this with your daughter’s bridal party is entirely up to her.

Don’t take it personally if the bride chooses to be dolled up only with her bridesmaids. You can welcome the groom’s mother or other relatives to your prettying party, or you can take advantage of the rare time of solitude and slip away on your own. But ensure that you schedule a hair and makeup appointment, whether with a professional or a trusted friend. Mothers frequently put their own needs aside in favour of their children. But bear in mind that this is also your special day!

Naturally, there is more to the mother’s gown than simply the lovely embellishments. You want to be comfortable on the big day, particularly during the wedding photographs. And with your stunning gown, you’ll radiate confidence as you smile or photograph and dance your way onto the floor.

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