The cost of house moving service in Singapore depends on the following factors:

  • Number of rooms, storeys and number of pieces to be shifted
  • Distance between locations
  • Date & time of your choice for moving or delivery *subjected to availability with our partner logistics company.
  • Do you require short term storage space? (If yes, the cost also will be more expensive)
  • Special requests (if any)
  • Number of movers required for furniture shifting *subjected to availability with our partner logistics company.

The cost of all depends on the above factors, the following are some general estimates for guidelines about house moving service only:

  • 2 Bedroom HDB – S$400 to move within 1 km, S$400 to move within 2.5 km
  • 3–4-bedroom bungalow – S$500 to move within 2 km, S$500 to move between 2.5-3km, S$800+ for 3km and above depending on the number of pieces to be moved.
  • 5+ bedroom bungalow – S$800+ for 2-3 km, S$1200++ depending on the number of pieces to be moved.

house moving service checklist:

Local moving companies pay proper attention and are concerned about the transportation of valuables. They provide proper care and safety to your luxurious items during transportation. Therefore, if you are also deciding to move and you have special items, you should consider hiring them:

  • Preschedule your move at least 2 days in advance with Mover Trust to ensure availability of your preferred moving date & time.
  • Ensure that the house owner / tenant is at home on the moving day, unless otherwise instructed by you. This is to authorize access for our workers/movers to enter the premise.
  • Ensure that house is vacant and no one in home on the moving day, unless otherwise instructed by you. If there are occupants in your home when we arrive, we will not be able to move your items until they leave the premise upon verification by our movers.
  • House / tenants should provide us with their contact numbers upon request, for verification purposes.
  • Unplug all appliances and disconnect power point plugs, list them down in a paper bag / list so that our movers will be able to locate the items quickly when we reach your new home with you.
  • Lock the moving van’s storage compartments once it is loaded.
  • Ensure all the items are packed safely to avoid any damages during transit. *Packaging of your items will be subject to availability with our partner logistics company, if so required.
  • If moving between 2 different cities / towns, you have the option to request for door-to-door delivery service at an extra cost, subject to availability with our partner logistics company.
  • Ensure all your rooms are empty, you will be required to remove all your items from the storage areas prior to moving day.

What to do before the move day?

  • Confirm the estimated time of arrival (ETA) with our customer representative.
  • Ensure that your contact number is updated and can be reached throughout the moving day, in case we need to get further clarification on items / requests etc.
  • *Our movers will try their best to call you first, if they encounter any incompliances or issues during the move, but if they are unable to contact you, they will proceed with the move as instructed.
  • Ensure that your goods are packed safely, to avoid damages during transit. We accept no liability for any damage / loss incurred to your items, even if properly packed by yourself. Our workers / movers will not be held responsible for any items that fall from your boxes / bags, as they have taken all possible precaution to ensure that the items are properly secured during transit.
  • Ensure a working receiver number of a person whom you can contact on moving day if needed.

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