Northern Lights autoflower seeds

Northern Lights autoflower seeds are among the most popular cannabis seeds globally. The spicy, sweet flavor, relaxing high, and high yields of these cultivars make them perfect for any grower.

As autoflower plants, these babies flower without you having to change the lighting. Every time you plant Northern Lights autoflower seeds, you can expect fragrant, resin-laden buds. Let’s find out more.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds description

Northern Lights autoflower seeds become plants with drool-worthy flavors and gorgeous flowers. Not only do they look and smell amazing, but they pack a pretty hefty punch.

On average, Northern Lights auto seeds become cultivars with around 12–14% THC. Depending on your tolerance, the high can range from mild to potent. Be sure to smoke slowly and gauge the effects.

Veterans could enjoy a mild, relaxing high that eases tension, whereas newbies may experience a potent couch-locking high.

Northern Lights seeds auto flowers contain less than 2% CBD and provide little physical effects. The THC level drastically outweighs the CBD content, leading to a cerebral high instead of a physical one.

Northern Lights autoflower effects

Northern Lights seeds auto flowers obtained their fame through their amazing effects. A few puffs induce a calming relaxation and a deep desire to chill. Grab some snacks, find a comfy spot, and enjoy the ride.

When Northern Lights autoflower seeds become mature cultivars, their flowers develop a heavy trichome layer, which carries various cannabinoids. Consumers report stress relief and a reduction of anxiety as the primary effects.

The moderate 12–14% THC content rarely induces a sense of paranoia or dizziness, but smokers should practice moderation, not to tempt fate. Northern Lights seeds auto flowers have insane sleepiness potential and often lead to an unexpected afternoon nap.

When you smoke the flowers of Northern Lights auto seeds, you should expect some hardcore munchies to follow. Have some snacks ready, so you don’t walk to the fridge and back looking for something to nibble.

Northern Lights auto induces an intense cottonmouth sensation. Bring water, juice, or some tea to sip on. A few puffs without moisture can leave your mouth feeling like a roll of sandpaper.

Growing Northern Lights autoflower seeds provides various medicinal and recreational benefits. The cultivation offers a sense of purpose, while the buds’ effects induce calm and wellbeing.

Northern Lights autoflower flavors

Autoflower Northern Lights seeds develop delectable flowers that carry a spicy, sweet aroma. The fresh pine scent adds a woody flavor that compliments the underlying dank, earthy tones.

Typical of all cannabis, Northern Lights autoflower seeds produce chemicals known as terpenes. These affect the taste, color, and smell of plants depending on their concentrations.

Let’s look at the dominant terpenes in Northern Lights auto seeds to learn more about the strain:

  • Humulene adds a woody, earthy scent
  • Caryophyllene creates various spicy flavors
  • Limonene adds a fruity, lemony aroma
  • Farnesene smells like fruit and fresh apple
  • Linalool has lavender and other floral smells
  • Myrcene can smell like hops, lemongrass, and mangoes
  • Pinene has a distinct pine tree aroma
  • Terpinolene has a fresh, crisp, pine-citrus flavor

Although terpenes appear in all plants, their combinations and amounts affect the final product. A perfect combination gives the flowers of Northern Lights autoflower seeds that distinctive scent.

How to germinate Northern Lights autoflower seeds

Germinating Northern Lights autoflower seeds is quite easy and quick. Most growers make mistakes when they’re impatient with their seeds or don’t prepare their setups before germination.

To avoid accidents and ensure you cultivate with success, set up your growing area first. Once you have everything ready, it’s time to germinate your Northern Lights auto seeds.

There are multiple ways to get your Northern Lights auto seeds taproot to emerge. Below we look at the two most popular germination methods.

Water bag method

Cultivators consider the water bag method as the most straightforward germination method. It also requires the least resources and space to germinate your Northern Lights auto feminized seeds.

If you follow the water bag method, you’ll need:


  • Ziplock bag
  • Some purified water


  1. Put the Northern Lights auto seeds in a ziplock baggy.
  2. Add some purified water to the bag. 0.3 fluid oz should be enough.
  3. Cloze the ziplock bag and put it somewhere warm and dark.
  4. Keep an eye on your seeds so you can plant them once a taproot emerges.

Marijuana seeds have a better survival rate when you germinate them. They have the advantage of a taproot which increases nutrient intake and overall plant health.

Paper towel method

Many growers follow the paper towel method to germinate Northern Lights autoflower seeds in the US. Your seeds are safe within a moist pocket and have a good chance of popping.

You’ll need:

  • Some purified water
  • Paper towels
  • A shallow plate
  • Tweezers


  1. Use the purified water to wet a paper towel.
  2. Put the moist paper towel on the shallow plate.
  3. Place your Northern Lights autoflower feminized seeds on the paper towel and ensure there’s one inch of space between them.
  4. Moisten a second paper towel with purified water and use it to cover the seeds.
  5. Tilt the plate over a sink, and lift the towels so excess water can drain.
  6. Your Northern Lights auto seeds need a warm, dark area like a cupboard or drawer to germinate.
  7. Keep an eye on your seeds and wet the towels to keep the seeds moist.
  8. Monitor your seeds and plant them when you see the taproots.

A taproot looks like a thin noodle that peeks through the shell. When you see the tiny root, your autoflower Northern Lights seeds are good to go.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds, like most cannabis strains, can germinate anywhere between one and five days. Under poor conditions, it can even take up to six days for roots to appear.

Most growers report that their Northern Lights autoflower seeds germinate within the first few days. Eager seeds can pop on the first day, while slower ones can take up to 120 hours.

The internet contains many germination guides with detailed instructions for germinating Northern Lights auto seeds. Most sites also have pictures of various strains and contain useful information on growing weed.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds grow information

Autoflower Northern Lights seeds become very durable plants with hefty yields under good conditions. Like any living creature, if you take care of them, they’ll take care of you.

Although auto Northern Lights seeds aren’t beginner-friendly, newcomers stand a good chance at high yields if they follow recommended growing methods. Some research, care, and love will lead you to a fruitful harvest.

This cultivar has a lot in common with its parents. It’s a mostly-indica hybrid, with the autoflowering capabilities of ruderalis strains.

Northern Lights autoflower grows thick, luscious leaves with various dark and light green hues. Their buds have a fairly dark tint, which lightens as the plants mature.

The crops develop various white pistils on their buds which become orange as the plants age. During the late flowering phase, the colas develop a coating of resin which adds a sticky sheen.

Northern Lights autoflower grow up to 3 feet at their tallest. Regardless of the setup you use, these babies will fit snugly in your growing area. Indoor growers don’t have to worry about keeping their plants short after they germinate and can focus on producing high yields.

Northern Lights auto seeds flourish in sunny, warm climates that mimic the Mediterranean. Climate control systems can help indoor growers, and outdoor cultivators should plant their seeds in summer.

Ideally, outdoor growers should sow their Northern Lights autoflower seeds in June. The combination of sun, warm weather, and a gentle breeze results in yields up to 25 oz per plant.

Autoflowering cannabis plants need loads of light to create massive yields. Unfortunately, natural day-night cycles won’t give the light needed for Northern Lights autoflower seeds to perform at their peak.

Indoor growers have the upper hand and can plant their Northern Lights auto seeds year-round. A 16:8 day-night cycle allows indoor growers to yield up to 1417 oz per square meter.

Whatever setup you use, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing experience. Northern Lights autoflower seeds may be a bit challenging, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Northern Lights auto seeds can be quite demanding and need some extra care and attention. To help you grow healthy, robust plants, here are some tips to remember:

  • Trimming. Remove dead leaves to keep your plants healthy and check the foliage for pests. When you trim, only remove damaged leaves to avoid over-trimming your plants.
  • Temperature. Northern Lights autoflower need a 73–80℉ environment to flourish. Indoor cultivators can use heaters or air conditioners to regulate temperatures.
  • pH. Northern Lights autoflower seeds should germinate in a neutral environment. When they’re ready for planting, place them in soil with a pH of 5.6–6.6.
  • Humidity. Keep the relative humidity levels at 5560%. Use extractor fans or dehumidifiers to maintain the humidity, so your plants don’t develop mold.
  • Nutrients. Northern Lights autoflower seeds need high-quality nutrients to thrive and produce delectable buds. However, you should feed them moderately and avoid overfeeding them.
  • Water. After your Northern Lights autoflower seeds germinate, you should water the plants only when the soil is dry. Overwatering can cause root damage and other problems.
  • Harvesting. Northern Lights autoflower have a lifespan of roughly nine weeks. Harvest your plants after the 9th week for juicy, potent nugs.

If you’re new to cannabis cultivation, you might want to keep a Northern Lights autoflower seeds diary. You’ll have a record of your plant’s development and can learn from your previous mistakes.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds genetics

Autoflower Northern Lights seeds are bathed in familiarity. Their parent strain is Northern Lights, which is very well-known in the cannabis community. The golden nuggets with specks of purple and a potent THC level leave quite the impression. Unknown ruderalis genes are what make Northern Lights auto seeds autoflowering.


Northern Lights Northern Lights Autoflower
Unknown Ruderalis

Where to buy Northern Lights autoflower seeds

There are plenty of seed banks that sell Northern Lights autoflower seeds in the USA. Since the legalization of marijuana seeds and products, there’s no shortage of supply.

However, you need to check local laws before you buy Northern Lights autoflower seeds in the U.S. Fortunately, most states allow the cultivation and consumption of cannabis.

You should also familiarize yourself with the rules of whether your state allows marijuana cultivation. Ensure you know how many plants you’re permitted to grow so you fall within the guidelines.

Once you’re sure you can buy Northern Lights auto seeds, visit Homegrown Cannabis Co to search for some seeds. You’ll find hundreds of strains to choose from, with auto, feminized, and regular versions available.

Visit the website to learn more about the strain and how to buy Northern Lights autoflower seeds. You can also check out the “buy one get one free” promotion that gives extra seeds with your purchase.

Start Growing Northern Lights autoflower seeds

Northern Lights autoflower seeds are enjoyable to cultivate from day one. If you have high-quality nutrients and top-grade marijuana seeds, you’ll have flavorful, potent buds in no time.


Whether you have plenty of cannabis horticulture experience or are just starting, you’ll love this strain. With some experience and attention to detail, you can grow Northern Lights auto seeds quite easily and affordably.

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