Obesity Prevention and Management

Obesity is a serious health challenge that requires a multifaceted approach to combat. It affects children, women, and men with no single and straightforward solution. Obesity heightens the danger of other health concerns and diseases, such as heart disease, sleep apnea, and certain cancers. For the best way to tackle this health hazard, there needs to be a conducive, communal, and supportive healthy environment. The good news is that, at Nova Physician Wellness Center, Dr. Suri Rohit and Dr. Chaudhary Seema, together with their team, have about 14 years of experience in managing obesity and other accompanying conditions in Leesburg and Fairfax, Virginia. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Rohit and Dr. Seema, call the offices in Virginia or use the online tool today.

Symptoms of Obesity

The team offers a holistic approach to obesity like complete bio-metabolic analysis and other developed tests. To diagnose obesity, Dr. Suri and the team use the client’s Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI gives a reasonable approximation of the body fat in many people. However, athletes may have a BMI in the category of obesity, although they physically do not have too much body fat.

To help you find the proper treatment options, the physicians apply the circumference of the waist. Most men with a waist circumference of 40 inches and 35 inches in women have weight-related health conditions.


There are several obesity causes, such as hormonal, behavior, genetic or metabolic influences. Usually, when the body’s intake of calories is higher than the rate at which it burns them through daily exercises and activities, it eventually stores the excess calories. Some of the sources of these calories are high-calorie beverages like sugary soft drinks and fast food with no vegetables or fruit, whose consumption can be due to anxiety or stress.

Medications and diseases

In some individuals, obesity is linked to a medical cause such as Cushing syndrome or arthritis that causes immobility, leading to weight gain. In other cases, medical conditions such as anti-seizure or steroids can lead to weight loss if not compensated via dietary means.

Economic and Social life

Obesity can be traced back to your social life when you do not involve yourself in exercise. Not observing healthier foods like fruits and vegetables or have poor cooking habits, you might be obese. The relatives and friends you hang out with might be a more significant influence on your obese condition, especially if they are obese too.


Although obesity affects people of all ages, your hormones become less active, thus increasing the risk of obesity as you age.

Other factors include pregnancy which often results in weight gain contributing to being obese, or lack of enough sleep can cause a craving for high calories and carbohydrates. Microbiome means that the bacteria in your gut are influenced by what you take in, and quitting smoking leads to weight gain as you alternate smoking withdrawal for food.

Healthy eating habits are paramount for a healthy weight. Reclaim your health and avoid complications related to obesity such as strokes and heart disease due to abnormality in cholesterol. Type 2 diabetes and obesity affect body usage of insulin to manage blood sugar levels. Seek the health services of Dr. Seema and Dr. Chaudhary and their team to help you achieve your health goals and prevent diseases. Call or book your consultation today or use the online scheduler now.

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